So, how many of you remember the list that was obtained a while back with the Leon Valley documents? Well it looks like Police departments in Texas have banded together and are keeping each other up to date with new information to add to the list. Some are even from other states! Auditors YOU know …

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Sentencing Defiant Trespass Courtroom 3

Pretrial Conference   1. Willful Trespass 11-44-26(a) 2. Disorderly Conduct 11-45-1(a)


Not now maybe later arrested for obstruction and resisting arrest in the early am 04-29-2019 at a Tulsa OK mall.

Pre Trial Conference (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer: McBurney, Magistrate John F., III)

1. Obstructing Officer in Execution of Duty 11-32-1 M 10/21/2018 2. Resisting Legal or Illegal Arrest 12-7-10 M 10/21/2018   Violation of Bail (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer: Raspallo, Magistrate Richard)

1. Willful Trespass 11-44-26(a) M 2. Disorderly Conduct 11-45-1(a) M Pretrial Conference