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    Earl David Worden Motion In Limine 1986-01-21

    Worden's attorney, Mr. Hardy, may have made a mistake in the motion. Does Hardy mean in the last paragraph to write "admissible" rather than "inadmissible." The prosecutor would be the one wanting the jury to hear the unfounded allegations, the founded but extremely prejudicial allegations, or...
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    Furry Potato Shooting – Guard Charge Evaluation Sheet

    [The First Amendment protects the right to not speak. Silence can also be symbolic speech. In the criminal context, the Fifth Amendment protects silence. The United States Constitution was also ratified in part by people who were anonymous while arguing in the Federalist Papers for...
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    Furry Potato Shooting – Guard Charge Evaluation Sheet

    Assuming, without agreeing that the California law is constitutional, the law does not authorize lethal force against a nonagressive person. Asking someone to move is a whole heap of different than shooting or even arresting someone for not moving. It's similar to a cop asking you if the cop...

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