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    Pending Freeman Trial Delayed Again

    I agree with Cassano, you need to assert your right to a speedy trial through motion filed into the case or verbally while in court. You can file into your case if you don't have an attorney, otherwise make your attorney do his job and file the motion. There's some good info here...
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    Earl David Worden Motion In Limine 1986-01-21

    NNH was one of the first auditing channels I came across and I really enjoyed his videos. When I found out about all of this gradually, it made me sick to my stomach. What did it for me was to find out what his crime was in the 80s and then when I watched the interrogation video, it was clear he...
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    Hi there everyone, I'm Traci in Texas

    I study the law and by study I mean, that's what I do with almost 100% of my time. The weakness with this community that I see is that while many auditors are familiar with the constitution, with public information act laws, and with some statutes that may prevent arrest or detainment, many...


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