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  1. Cimarock-1966

    Dr Dave joins list of frauditors?

    Come on now. Isn't that reaching a little bit? As far as I know, which is only as much or less than others, is that he posts videos of Fraudidorks doing their nasty business. He's not out there harassing LEO, is he? Or going into a PS trying with a gun and mask on to "audit" his 2nd amendment...
  2. Cimarock-1966

    Maybe Frauditors really can't Read.

    It might also explain why they're so determined to use Blacks Law Dictionary as some kind of a law book instead of just a dictionary that defines law terminology.
  3. Cimarock-1966

    Silenceboy / Silence Boy

    Agreed 100% The guy is a huge D-bag and it's Fraudidorks like him who are making good, hard working LEO quit with virtually no notice. They're tired of the harassment and lack of appreciation. It's not worth what they get paid to have to put up with this crap.
  4. Cimarock-1966

    LOLZ homeless Glenn getting fatter and bald...

    Yeah... That wouldn't piss off Tella.
  5. Cimarock-1966

    YouTube warning on Cerio's videos.

    Ugh!! The thought makes me want to throw up!
  6. Cimarock-1966

    SGV NEWS FIRST: WHO is paying them to disrupt Dispensary business?

    Why would that POS scare a poor lady into thinking she's possibly going to get water dumped on her at any second? These losers really are the lowest of the low. I almost feel sorry for them. No friends, no home, no shower, no clean clothes, no pets (obviously), again no friends, no significant...

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