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  1. RaccoonMama

    Michigan constitutional crusader found guilty of bothering kids at school

    All these frauditors have insane criminal records. Too bad YouTube doesn't require background checks before allowing these fools to create havoc and post it for other dummies to like.
  2. RaccoonMama

    We interviewed Sifu Saul

    I'd say this video is a pretty close representation of the CRAZY that is "Saul". Wonder if he sprays on his hair too?
  3. RaccoonMama


    Jesus. That's all I can say.....
  4. RaccoonMama

    Dr Crybaby Snowflake cuddles up to failed criminal

    100% correct and Joey is as bad as Dave....BOTH little snowflakes with brains like swiss cheese.
  5. RaccoonMama

    Saul sadder than EVER

    I have several clips of Saul being just a VILE ignoramus. You see......he gravitates towards people just like himself. He doesn't know anything else and, since he cannot get out of his mom's basement, he MUST create an imaginary persona for himself. He thinks he's some larger than life...
  6. RaccoonMama

    Saul sadder than EVER

    Did anyone hear his vile comments on Audit Them's Livestream a few days ago? Audit Them "invited" Frauditor Troll on, then proceeded to get triggered and cry and whine the whole time. Saul came on about mid-way through and showed his butt and here is a clip. He called Mrs. Frauditor Troll a...
  7. RaccoonMama

    Saul has no fear of Death, even more important he doesn't fear LIFE

    100% on the mark. Bet his little ears are just steaming now, huh? He struggles to understand that the limits of his idiocy know no bounds.Hahaha!
  8. RaccoonMama

    Dr. Dave Hater / Troll channels

    Saul, the guy who HIDES his ugly face ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the time is Mr. Tough Guy?. Dave is your best bud again, huh Saul? Unfortunately, Dr. Dave can't handle his alcohol and let his real feelings (and guns) fly a week or two ago. You two deserve each other, but I can tell you one thing...
  9. RaccoonMama

    Saul’s domestic dispute

    DANG! What was in the video? I was too slow getting here to see!
  10. RaccoonMama

    Saul sadder than EVER

    Hey, Saul. Take your "well known physique" and larger than life EGO and just go back to kissing Joey's tiny *advertiser censored*. After all, THAT'S what you're good at. Dr. Nik is SO far above your intellect you cannot even process the reality. You're really just a worthless man who hides behind his little...
  11. RaccoonMama

    Joey's Channel taken down!

    Is that you Joey? You need to lay off the crystal, buddy.
  12. RaccoonMama

    Joey's Channel taken down!

    UH-OH, now what will Saul do with his free time?????
  13. RaccoonMama

    Now that Saw-ool is gone

    Oh, Saul.....silly Saul. For someone who doesn't care what anyone says, you sure spent LOTS of time typing your little novellas to sing your own praises. As to others calling for blood, wow.....Saul, you are so far up Lil Joey's tush, your noggin should be pretty stinky by now. How in the...
  14. RaccoonMama

    Now that Saw-ool is gone

    Dr Nik, are you serious? WTF is wrong with these people????????
  15. RaccoonMama

    Now that Saw-ool is gone

    This is TYPICAL Saul. He's a COWARD and a liar Probably why they get along so well! They stroke each other's egos.......
  16. RaccoonMama

    Doxxin Little Joey!

    Well, that's one I've never heard! FANTASTIC!
  17. RaccoonMama

    Doxxin Little Joey!

    I hope so.....I was able to pull up his channel five minutes ago. He and one of his sidekick goons "subscribed" to my channel which has exactly ONE video on it and made juvenile comments. I enjoyed reading them and knowing that they are all so TRIGGERED. Joey has too much time on his hands...
  18. RaccoonMama

    Now that Saw-ool is gone

    That would be me!!! :)
  19. RaccoonMama

    Now that Saw-ool is gone

    PS - What happened to Saul? Seriously, he chickened out of FaanClub?
  20. RaccoonMama

    Now that Saw-ool is gone

    LOVE this MEME!!!!

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