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    POSTER 7 and PHOTOGRAPHY: The reality, not the blather.

    It does say corridors, etc but it also says “ when used for public meetings” that doesn’t mean , come and film/take pictures at your whim, but “ when there are public meetings” also says any other pictures with permission of the postmaster . So really, they have no right to just walk in and film...
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    POSTER 7 and PHOTOGRAPHY: The reality, not the blather.

    yes corridors etc but says nothing about the sales/counter area. To me, it sounds off limits to film there Yes but “ poster 7 “ also says “ and with permission of the post master” so yes they can do it but also with permission
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    Long Island Audit: Sean Paul Reyes, YouTube Nov. ad revenue: $44,500!!

    The above article is a good read. It has him down to a T , along with every other one of these frauditors that go out and do this in the name of rights and education. They have no interest in rights, or education, they are solely in it to make money and to harass, And in my opinion to Shane ...
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    LI fraudits he’s a passive, aggressive, smart arse, who soul intention is to create a disturbance with law-enforcement. He has no interest in rights, regardless, whether they are his for other people‘s, the only thing he is interested in is money whether that be through his channel or whether he...
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    Amagansett and "son" in jail?

    If they are in jail, I’m guessing they won’t be there very long. Officials will want them out as soon as they can. They won’t be able to put up with the crying and begging
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    Or just threatening a law suit to be intimidating and hoping the officer will back down. They all have tactics they use to intimidate those they film. Just like “ I’m going to FOI Request your pay and details and post them online. That’s one used often
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    Amagansett and "son" in jail?

    We all need to start to report these videos to YouTube as harassment and bullying. Then, maybe YouTube will remove them and their channels will fail ? These are clearly harassment videos, they have nothing to do with rights, they only hide behind ( rights) as an excuse to do so. if we report...
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    WPB, PBC Frauditor Acura Amanda exposed?

    If we all started to report these videos as harassment and bullying, we might be able to get them removed. Especially people like (sidewalk scum ) (asswipe Elmo ) etc
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    Amagansett and "son" in jail?

    I can hear him crying and begging from Australia. he’s got a smart mouth on him until the cuffs go on. I’m guessing his mail order wife must be desperate enough to stay in the US if she’s willing to stay with him and put up with his crap. I don’t think the crying and begging will help in...
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    Silenceboy / Silence Boy

    Like to see him go back to where he came from and try to stick cameras in locals faces there. He would last less than 5 minutes. I was thinking, if Restraunts pay local council to put tables & chairs on the footpath, would that not make it an extension to their business? If it does , why can’t...

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