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    EDW Deer Park Interview

    The Deer Park interview is probably my favorite. It never gets old.
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    Order To Extend Indictment Chauncy Hollingberry

    He deserves to suffer like he's caused many others to suffer
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    Wanting to help

    Cop watching is a good way to keep law enforcement in check. Actually, you're also helping to protect the officer. Dash cams and body cams don't have the range your camera will. It's always best to keep a reasonable distance and follow an order if you're not 100% sure what your rights are. You...
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    EDW Motion to Quash Subpoena 2019-06-03 1

    Deer Park PD's motion to quash the 4/23/2019 subpoena from EDW. The motion was submitted by Deer Park PD on 6/3/2019.
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    EDW Motion to Quash Subpoena 2019-06-03

    Liz submitted a new document: EDW Motion to Quash Subpoena 2019-06-03 - Deer Park PD's motion to quash the 4/23/2019 subpoena from EDW Read more about this document..
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    Carolina in Fort Worth Makes the News

    Carolina in Fort Worth recorded herself pulling up YouTube on a Tarrant County computer. Now she’s in jail for it. Click here for story Click here for the original video
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    EDW-HPD Incident Reports 1985-07-04 1

    Incident reports from HPD about the events related to Earl's 1986 rape conviction.
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    EDW-HPD Incident Reports 1985-07-04

    Liz submitted a new document: EDW-HPD Incident Reports 1985-07-04 - HPD incident reports covering the events around Earl's 1986 rape conviction Read more about this document..
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    Just got banned from Johnny Five Os channel

    All his claims are lies. I watched J50 for the 1st time yesterday and I watched a little of the current stream. He's telling some crazy stories for the donations and it looks like it's working.
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    James Freeman-Ft. Huachuca-Exhibits 2019-04-10 1

    Exhibits related to the 4/10/2019 trial memorandum on James Freeman's Ft. Huachuca case. The associated trial memorandum exists in a separate document.
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    James Freeman-Ft. Huachuca-Trial Memorandum 2019-04-10 1

    Trial memorandum for James Freeman's Ft. Huachuca case. See related exhibits in a separate document.
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    Zhoie Perez otherwise known as Steven Joaquin Perez or Furry Potato New Arrest Record

    $25K bond for a misdemeanor? Anyone know why it's so high? I don't see the charge, just that it's a misdemeanor.
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    Crazy Carl: audits with daughter, gets arrested

    A parent us supposed to protect their child. An audit, even during the day, can be dangerous. Thankfully, his daughter was not harmed physically. I'm not so sure she wasn't harmed emotionally though. She's 12 for God's sake. On top of that, the poor kid is crying and Carolina's priority was...
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    SouthSide Slakr210 Fantastic Copwatch

    SouthSide Slakr210 did a great job with this copwatch! He happened to be nearby and was on the scene as police were arriving to a call for shots fired. He was amazing how close he was to the action. His professional and respectful demeanor may be the reason the cops allowed him to stay where he...
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    Pink Camera Magic Criminal History. Part 1

    I actually was not aware of Amanda's past so if she's lied to people about it, I'm unaware of it. It seems very few auditors have no criminal background. Earl has my attention though for many reasons. For one, his crime was particularly heinous. He lied to everyone about the rape and...
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    Earl David Worden Army Record P. 1

    Thank you for your work on this Cassano and for the explanation.
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    Big Leon Valley News

    It sounds great but I'm with I would like to hear more such as the reason for dismissal and if it was with or without prejudice.
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    Earl David Worden Motion In Limine 1986-01-21

    Earl forgot to stfu Click here for The Frog's video
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    Ms. laura's annual lol

    I admit she got me but next year I'll expect it! LOL
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    Posting Criminal Histories? What's the Point?

    Here's my criminal history: 0


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