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    hopefully they still won't consider him a threat to the public to bring him in.
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    He gave a false name and was trespassed believing street utilities are always on public land.
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    Just got banned from Johnny Five Os channel

    If you disagree you're a troll, some people don't understand the word no.!
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    Crazy Carl: audits with daughter, gets arrested

    Getting arrested in front of your child is not the best course of action, taking your child auditing will mean having to pick your battles carefully. The police will always have the final decision of what is a safe distance. Auditors could avoid this by investing in the right recording equipment...
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    Pink Camera Magic Criminal History. Part 1

    I think the community has learnt it's lesson in being trusting of new auditors and will have to scrutinise more often what past criminal history some auditors have.
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    WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian embassy in London

    I would have to presume that this could be classed as a test case to create law for his bail sentencing. Assange could agree to be extradited so his prison stay in the U.S. would count be deducted when he is sentenced. also the court case could be held in the U.K. if similar U.K. laws exist...
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    Earl taking Phillip out for a boat ride, in his boat?

    This is a 2016 upload from Earl's channel taking Phillip out on a boat because he had never been on one. Now would they go to all that effort if Earl didn't already own one. i think we should be told.
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    News Now Patrick Lies Again

    The difference between Patrick and the other auditors is he has acknowledged that he is only in it for the money, and he regularly puts up videos just to beg for money that his YouTube revenue streams should already be covering. All other auditors only do this when there is an emergency...
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    Earl's intelligence agency career after his army discharge from his own flapping lips

    Earl talks about his length of army service and his five or six years in a intelligence agency after that, so during his rape trial and up to his first imprisonment. It's about 11:00 minutes in.
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    WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange arrested at Ecuadorian embassy in London

    One of the biggest government auditors, whether you agree with him or not has finally left the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He will definitely be staying at her majesty's pleasure for at least six months for jumping bail. The big question is will he then be extradited to the US to face charges?
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    News Now Patrick Lies Again

    Fat Pat and Selena have finally detached the sofa from their arses and are off, last heard they were planning where to stop for their breakfast. They could have packed some food and saved some bucks.
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    Earl David Worden Army Record P. 1

    So looking at the timeline of Earl's career, he was took a two week training course to become a military MP, made contacts in Germany about Nazis in hiding in South America, left the Army in 82,which leaves a window of 83 to do his Nazi hunting, before opting to become a security guard of a car...
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    Earl David Worden Army Record P. 1

    If his end of service date was December 85, he was already arrested and convicted by 84, and was a security guard for his parents company. Earl was on active service until October 82, does that mean he had left the army at that time, but could be recalled until 85?
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    Have you got any experience of being a public servant? You seem to have a view that they are out to get the community except their own.
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    NNML Bond Revocation Motion (DENIED)

    There seems a few auditors with long rap sheets that I have come to the conclusion that it's a way to earn money rather than because they are a strong advocate of civil rights.
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    Earl David Worden Motion In Limine 1986-01-21

    Earl claims in his latest video on his new channel, he had a bodyguard at his last court appearance, can anyone who was present verify that?
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    Do you not think the reason Ian's local government is doing this is because they are reacting due to the feelings of the local community individuals,who have come forward and asked them to do something about this harassment. Councils do act on their communities behalf, it's not vindictive solely...
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    EDW Pretrial Supervision and Bond Conditions 2019-03-04

    Has the March 29th bail conditions been published yet?
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    Auditor Equipment Buy and Sell Marketplace

    Good idea, might I suggest that auditors needing equipment could also request to find the best value online stores supplier
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    Posting Criminal Histories? What's the Point?

    A example of how's someones history will effect their achievement is about to happen in the next eighteen months when people running for President drop out, when skeletons from their last are uncovered, down to lack of support by the public.


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