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    News Now Ohio and Lady Liberty arrested

    Arrested for domestic violence. Full story to come soon.
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    Leon Valley latest. Plaintiffs motion to proceed

    The stay has expired on the civil suit. This is the plaintiffs motion to move forward with the civil suit.
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    Crazy Carl: audits with daughter, gets arrested

    Several auditors have been taking children to audit with them, notably Carl, Otto and Freeman. What are your thoughts on this after seeing Carl arrested in front of his daughter? Should auditors take their children with them while also proclaiming how dangerous it is? Crazy Carl Carolina in...
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    NNO lies for money... AGAIN

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    HATETHESTATE media coverage and interview: Article from 2012: Articles related to his "activism": Security Risk...
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    Be The Change You Wish To Make

    In a social climate that sees law enforcement and the general public more and more at odds there is collection of people making waves. They refer to themselves as First Amendment Auditors or Copwatchers. As the mainstream media starts taking notice of these activists it becomes imperative for...
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    Battousai Wins Case Law (Turner v Driver)

    The Battousai is an activist that has made major changes through his work. He's on a very short list of activists that have fought the government to the point of getting case law established. Below is the arrest video that started it, a couple of his updates and finally the 5th circuit decision...
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    Police State New Jersey Training Police

    Attached is a short video explaining how this activist made a positive lasting change. As documents become available this thread will be updated. Original video from PSNJ: Local News Article...
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    News Now Colorado beats Colorado Springs

    Terrel Clayton, otherwise known as News Now Colorado was illegally detained and subsequently sued the department. Attached is the settlement agreement document and a video of the local news coverage. Media coverage: Settlement Agreement pdf download
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    News. Now Ohio - Donald Smith- Criminal Record

    Attached are the criminal records for Donald (News. Now Ohio) and his wife.
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    Well helluuuur!

    Great work team. Glad to be a small cog in transparency machine.


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