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    Auditor Equipment Buy and Sell Marketplace

    This would be a good forum for auditors and would-be auditors to sell and/or buy equipment. Have you thought of a adding a Marketplace section?
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    Posting Criminal Histories? What's the Point?

    To the Curators, What's the point of posting so many auditor criminal histories? Do you somehow believe that people with criminal histories, no matter how minor or not, have forfeited all of their First Amendment rights? It would be better journalism, at least, to get some background info on...
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    News Now Patrick's Motion to Dismiss / Response from State

    It's funny how the District Attorney's Response to Patrick's motion goes into great detail about how he is required to ID, but the cases it cites are from Georgia and Nevada, two Stop and ID states. Oklahoma is not a stop and ID state, however. They are so desperate to convict him that they have...


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