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  1. FearMyFez

    We need Saw-ool back!

    This is getting to be boring! I may have to retire to my natural lands and palaces of Marrakech... #FearMyfez
  2. FearMyFez

    LOLZ homeless Glenn getting fatter and bald...

    For those that do not know Tella Cline is a member of the kings guard of the Caliph of the ancient freely traveling clan of El-Bey... We thank her for her work... #FearHerFez
  3. FearMyFez

    Joey's Channel taken down!

    He is busy benching 20,000 lbs and training the Ukrainian special forces! #FearMyFez
  4. FearMyFez

    Taking Socvit to a whole new level!

    So my buddy in northern Virginia has court tomorrow for a DUI. He also has an emotional support animal that is a 4 year old Dachshund named Harley. Chad will be entering the hearing Pro Se and Pro Per of course, start with the usual, challenging jurisdiction, maritime and color of law versus...
  5. FearMyFez

    Where's Glen?!?

    Perhaps he is living with chilie in Ironton? #FearTheFez
  6. FearMyFez

    Joey's Channel taken down!

    I pledge allegiance to the Genovese, of the united Cosa Nostra, and to the little Joey, how small he stands, one azz hat, just like all, trying long division, under Sean Reyes, who is taking liberties and justifying an arse... #FearMyFez
  7. FearMyFez

    Video of Glen in a Stupendous Martial Arts Death Struggle!

    I have studied at a 600 level of the English, do you want to have mutual combat?
  8. FearMyFez

    #FreeCYandTY Audits

    Look, that poor freedom fighting partisan that reminds me of Paul Revere, had the bravery to take on that courthouse to defend OUR rights where so many others are apathetic to these redcoat TYRANTS! Like a young William Wallace with his camera phone screaming "Freedom", these tyrants and so...
  9. FearMyFez

    Audit Them is a *advertiser censored*.

    I am the author of all of the good Dr's memes from Imageflip, to include the FOIA team Assemble! #FearTheFez
  10. FearMyFez

    How do Auditors get paid by the Tube?

    As a glorious natural Moor that is the Amon-Ra of all of greater Morocco, I have a question. Does YouTube 1099 you? I cannot believe that these morons that were spawned in the very shallowest end of the gene pool, pay quarterlies or have savings. I feel that we need to start reporting to the...
  11. FearMyFez


    How is that career going? Hating the cops for your *advertiser censored* decisions makes total sense!
  12. FearMyFez


    Truth speaking true patriots that audit to protect YOUR rights by not having a DL insurance, registration and harassing police as the founding fathers clearly laid out and enumerated and codified in the constitution... #WakeUpBootLicker
  13. FearMyFez

    Stop Joseph Amico from Committing Crimes on YouTube

    My good man, can you fill out a FOIA for that information? #FearThisFez
  14. FearMyFez


    Let's get some *advertiser censored* talking going on in here. I sent Kfarr a Moorish flag to replace one of the American flags in his studio.... #FearTheFez
  15. FearMyFez

    Now that Saw-ool is gone

    So ummm, is that like a law???? #Guacamole #FearTheFez
  16. FearMyFez

    Post live streams here.

    Toast with a potato cam? Almost the whole meal!

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