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  1. Dr. Dave Debunker

    Tyrant Slayer Raked Over The Coals by Keeping It Criminal!

    Here is a link that is very good indeed...enjoy!
  2. Dr. Dave Debunker

    Tyrant Slayer Studios Frauditor Needs a Safe Space

    Tyrant Slayer Studios Channel attempted to file a copyright claim on one on video. Attached is the response from YouTube. The poor lad is definitely going to need a safe space and cookies now!
  3. Dr. Dave Debunker

    Broken System Broken Trust Frauditor Running His Mouth Again!

    Broken System Broken Trust is on a live stream right now ranting about how I'm a scumbag for having my viewers threaten him over SC Video...WTH is wrong with him?
  4. Dr. Dave Debunker

    Expose the Frauditors!

    I'm Dr. Dave and my mission is to expose these uneducated, unemployed grifters for what they really are: con men!

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