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  1. Andrey Sloan

    Silenceboy / Silence Boy

    I'm going to say the public sidewalk going through the eating is still just that, a public sidewalk he has the right to use. Now if the restaurant is paying the city for part of the sidewalk area specifically for their eatery, then that part of the sidewalk would be restaurant property (rented)...
  2. Andrey Sloan

    I see that News Now Houston is making a comeback!

    How can anyone follow that POS? Just another CRIMINAL with an agenda against the police.
  3. Andrey Sloan

    Poor Patty cakes!!!! #Arrested

    Uhm, you can have her! Just remember when you go to kiss her, Paypal Patty's *advertiser censored*'s been in there!
  4. Andrey Sloan

    New song I am working on...

    Well the beginning sounds good so far!
  5. Andrey Sloan

    Silenceboy / Silence Boy

    As a public servant I swore an oath to protect your *advertiser censored*, NOT KISS IT!
  6. Andrey Sloan

    Bad, bad news...

    This was shocking news to me earlier this year. There must have been some health issues there or something for a young guy to "pass away in a motel room". I know four months later I still feel bad for him and his family.
  7. Andrey Sloan

    Maybe Frauditors really can't Read.

    What you're going to find is most of the fucktards are going to spout what they think the law says, or make up whatever they want, in an effort to confuse or make the officer think he doesn't know what the law is. That has been my observation in 99.9% of these videos and real life experience. As...
  8. Andrey Sloan

    Silenceboy / Silence Boy

    Has Ricardo's You Tube page really been closed? That illegal alien had the gonads to throw our laws in our faces all of the time? I could never work for LAPD, as I'd get fired in the first month if I have to put up with a skell like this. Let some skell bother me and berate me while I eat...
  9. Andrey Sloan

    Poor Patty cakes!!!! #Arrested

    This little prick REALLY gets on my nerves. I'm glad to hear he got arrested (again) and not at all surprised he abused Selena (again). Hopefully the little prick will get some jail time.
  10. Andrey Sloan

    Hello From The Nation's Capitol

    Hello, hello, this is Andrey from Washington, DC. 35 years in law enforcement and I hate these frauditor pukes. If you watch these videos long enough you can tell 99.9% of them are guessing at the rules, regulations, policies and laws. What you have most of the time is cops who're nervous about...

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