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  1. Texas Wolfman

    Police Communications: Texas Auditor List Revealed

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  2. Texas Wolfman

    022. Leon Valley Civil Rights Violation Law Suit- PLAINTIFFS’ STATEMENT ON THE STAY 2019-05-17

    Texas Wolfman submitted a new document: 022. Leon Valley Civil Rights Violation Law Suit- PLAINTIFFS’ STATEMENT ON THE STAY 2019-05-17 - PLAINTIFFS’ STATEMENT ON THE STAY filed 05/17/2018 Read more about this document..
  3. Texas Wolfman

    Big Leon Valley News

    We all remember the “Taze heard around the world” of Tuc. Police Suc, today the criminal charges were dismissed. Mark and his attorney have spent several months preparing to go into court and put Leon Valley police on the stand. While it is great the charges were dismissed, it saves the PD from...
  4. Texas Wolfman

    We want to highlight your videos, GAIN NEW SUBS!

    Do you want your channel highlighted in our video section? Simply post your channel name in this thread and we will show your videos straight from YOUR channel, NO MIRRORING! Wolfman
  5. Texas Wolfman

    Video Sent to me by News Now California

    He says "This has to be one of the funniest audits ever" I had a laugh watching it.
  6. Texas Wolfman

    Liberty Freak on way to Cali?

    So I hear Liberty Freak is on his way to Cali? Anybody know what his plan is there?
  7. Texas Wolfman

    Welcome to the FAANClub!

    Welcome to FAAN Club, your connection to the First Amendment Auditing Community. This website was created to facilitate an open discussion about how auditing and cop watching can help or hurt our ability to exercise our Constitutional Rights. FAAN Club was created by activists and viewers who’s...
  8. Texas Wolfman

    Pending Freeman Trial Delayed Again

    Once Again the Municipal Courts of Bexar County Texas has delayed the trial of James Freeman. James was arrested on June 23 of 2018 outside the Leon Valley city offices when the Chief of Leon Valley Police, Joe Salvaggio called a fake press conference. At this time I am unaware of when the next...
  9. Texas Wolfman

    James Freeman Felony Court Date Delayed Again

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