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    El Charro Negro Justice Arrested: The Mexican Padilla of Arizona

    El Charro Negro Justice (Patrick) was arrested today at the Pima County Consolidated Justice Center in Arizona when he, Katilla, and Tuc showed up for Katilla's pretrial conference and almost immediately created a disturbance inside the courthouse. They were told they could not record inside the...
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    Colorado Donkey Watch: Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

    Colorado Donkey Watch (Jedon) recently had his attorney file a civil lawsuit in Federal District Court in Colorado for an incident at the Boulder County Colorado Jail. In the complaint, Jedon alleged Violation of Free Speech, Excessive Force, Retaliation, and False Arrest, unlawful search and...
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    Sasha in the Springs: Not Guilty

    Sasha in the Springs was found not guilty at her trial today:
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    You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile. Or not!: United States v. Waites

    Our friend, Adam (California Guardian), has said that the Postal Service can’t use California state law to trespass auditors from U.S. Postal Service offices. He grounds that claim on the 9th Circuit court decision in United States v. Waites, 198 F.3d 1123(2000). [1] I will take a closer look at...
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    Hi Everyone

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