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    El Charro Negro Justice Arrested: The Mexican Padilla of Arizona

    El Charro Negro Justice (Patrick) was arrested today at the Pima County Consolidated Justice Center in Arizona when he, Katilla, and Tuc showed up for Katilla's pretrial conference and almost immediately created a disturbance inside the courthouse. They were told they could not record inside the...
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    Colorado Donkey Watch: Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

    Colorado Donkey Watch (Jedon) recently had his attorney file a civil lawsuit in Federal District Court in Colorado for an incident at the Boulder County Colorado Jail. In the complaint, Jedon alleged Violation of Free Speech, Excessive Force, Retaliation, and False Arrest, unlawful search and...
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    Sasha in the Springs: Not Guilty

    Sasha in the Springs was found not guilty at her trial today:
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    What I'm saying is that if the odditors truly believe that, as things stand right now, they have unlimited access to publicly owned buildings for unlimited exercise of 1st Amendment protected rights their behavior in those properties is being informed by a right that doesn't exist. The United...
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    Big Leon Valley News

    I am "shocked" that the charges were dismissed.
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    Beaver Oklahoma Obstruction Arrest Documents

    Theresa, I don't see any documents when I follow the link. Are you just setting this up for document posting later?
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    What if you don't understand what your rights are, and are expecting the government to respect rights you don't actually have?
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    YouTube distancing themselves from News Now Houston?

    Earl is a member of his family. lol
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    NNML Bond Revocation Motion (DENIED)

    What does a guy have to do to get his bond revoked in Oklahoma? As if he hasn't violated the conditions of his bond several times already. Sheeesh
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    NNML Motion To Revoke Bond

    Interesting. I asked NNML in his livestream today about his habit of getting into trouble. He denied he had such a habit, pointing to the 1st possession charge as his sole charge. His criminal history outlined in the motion shows he indeed has a habit of lawbreaking. He's a train wreck. He needs...
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    Smith v. City of Cumming, 212 F. 3d 1332 - Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit 2000

    I am confused as to why you cite to Smith v City of Cumming, but link to Fordyce.
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    Posting Criminal Histories? What's the Point?

    Haha...I think that "Report" link is in case you want to report me to the administrators for being a bad boy.
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    Posting Criminal Histories? What's the Point?

    Here's my criminal history: 0
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    You Will be Assimilated. Resistance is Futile. Or not!: United States v. Waites

    Read the Waites case. There isn't any trespass language in the Federal Regulations; however, the Court found that the postal regulations (specifically 39 CFR 232.1(d)) punished substantially the same conduct. The Court pointed out that the Oregon trespass statute defined trespass as the failure...
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    Appeals Court Rules Police Must Release Records Created Before Jan. 1

    Let me guess: two of the agencies are Oakland PD and Richmond PD?
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    I vote best parody video of an arrest

    I believe he was found guilty some time ago, was he not? Did he appeal the conviction?
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    News Now Patrick's Motion to Dismiss / Response from State

    The reason that the cases cited are from other circuits is made clear on page 3, paragraph 2 of the DA's response. There has not been any Oklahoma case that specifically addresses the fact pattern of this case. The DA cites to other circuits where states have similar language as the Oklahoma...
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    Battousai Wins Case Law (Turner v Driver)

    Battousai doesn't understand what he has won.


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