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    Posting Criminal Histories? What's the Point?

    Here is my criminal history....NONE.
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    Pink Camera Magic Criminal History. Part 1

    Hmmmm, Pink apparently "mentored" and oddited with "Huckleberry Auditor". Huckie has been abusively and aggressively cyberstalking and harrassing TheresaR and me across social media. Why does Pink/Amanda "protect " this abusive guy from exposure? "Professional criminal courtesy"?
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    Hay All!

    Thank you!
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    Posting Criminal Histories? What's the Point?

    Simple answer. Establishing credibility. If "auditors" claim to be upholding transparency and accountability of others why is their own "irrelevant"?
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    Shalom and Greetings

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    Hay All!

    Looking forward to constructive dialog! Thanks to all who made this a reality!
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    Welcome to the FAANClub!

    Thanks for all the folks who put this together!


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