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  1. Coach K

    Dr Dave joins list of frauditors?

    I'm sure any information that comes from a coward who goes by "Activist" is 100% reliable, right??? Let me guess Mr Activist, Dr Dave hurt your little fragile feelings by not giving you a wrench and now you're on a mission to get your revenge, right? You're a pathetic loser that nobody pays...
  2. Coach K

    Saul aka Fluffy Cat

    Saul isn't anonymous as he thinks he is. I just received some very interesting information about that degenerate that I'm vetting for accuracy. If this info is as true as I belive it is, let's just say.. he won't be running his mouth any more!
  3. Coach K

    Dr Dave is a phony Republican douchebag

    You may be shocked to find out that there are Republicans who are fans of this website. I'm a proud lifelong Republican who will never watch another Dr Dave video after the wreckless stunt he pulled on Frauditor Troll's video, pulling out his gun. There are extremists in both parties who don't...
  4. Coach K


    I love in So Cal myself and couldn't agree more! That's why people have been moving to other states in record numbers!
  5. Coach K

    ATTENTION MARC J. STOUT of LONG ISLAND FRAUDIT : We'd sure love to have you on board!

    Marc dropped another epic Long Island Fraudit video today!
  6. Coach K

    Fraudit Them

    I watched some of that livestream and what a dumpster fire!
  7. Coach K

    Fraudit Them

    Does anyone know this idiot's name?
  8. Coach K

    Silenceboy & KC Transparency Bromance over

    You know you're a real POS when an idiot like Abad Gonzalez wants nothing to do with you!
  9. Coach K

    Michigan Constitutional Crusader

    The YouTube channel for that insurrectionist idiot was Political Trans Tribune and he's out of Texas.
  10. Coach K

    Michigan Constitutional Crusader

    That guy in the article isn't MCC. That guy was also a frauditor that use to go around with PayPal Patty. I forgot the name of his YouTube channel. Here's the MCC I mentioned.
  11. Coach K

    Michigan Constitutional Crusader

    MCC's name is Mathew Wrosch
  12. Coach K

    Gabriel SLO County Observer Rojas

    By any chance did you guys get any video of him acting a fool? If you so please upload on here. He's such an ignorant jack *advertiser censored*!
  13. Coach K

    Could this be the LIA Sean Reyes?

    Done deal! This is LIA! I found an old YouTube Channel I'm sure Sean forgot about. Here's a screen shot from 0:55 of the video. Jasmine Anello!
  14. Coach K

    Could this be the LIA Sean Reyes?
  15. Coach K


    It's 100% obvious that Silence Boy's jewelry is as fake as my ex wife's *advertiser censored* and here's him admitting it at the 2:42:10 mark of this SGV video.
  16. Coach K

    Am I the only one that would happily take a charge to bash these little *advertiser censored* just for an education?

    I have a new collapsible asp I'd like to try out on one of their skulls!
  17. Coach K

    Accountability Angel: Your thoughts?

    I completely agree that AA is the absolute worst of the worst. She manufactures fake drama between her and public officials though she provokes confrontations every where she goes but quickly becomes the poor female abused victim when Law Enforcement shuts her down! Other than that, she's...
  18. Coach K

    Gabriel SLO County Observer Rojas

    Most of his videos are boring and extremely underwhelming. This video of his is funny because he bothers a weird transient dude that pulls out his camera and wouldn't leave SLO alone.

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