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  1. Theresa R

    Earl Is Suing Us 2021-02-20

    Copy of lawsuit filed in Federal Court by Earl David Worden who is currently on trial for molesting his child and is also a convicted rapist.
  2. Theresa R

    Earl Rape Investigation Police Files 2019-06-23

    This is the original police file from the investigation into the aggravated rape Earl committed in the 80's
  3. Theresa R

    NNH Rape Trial Records 2019-06-23

    These are documents from the original rape trial and jury conviction or Earl David Worden. The documents came from the Harris County Clerk of Court.
  4. L

    EDW-HPD Incident Reports 1985-07-04 1

    Incident reports from HPD about the events related to Earl's 1986 rape conviction.
  5. Theresa R

    Earl David Worden Army Record P. 2 2019-04-07

    Military record for Earl David Worden
  6. Theresa R

    Earl David Worden Army Record P. 1 2019-04-07

    Army record for Earl David Worden
  7. MWAM

    YouTube distancing themselves from News Now Houston?

    Anybody notice all ads have been removed from News Now Houston’s (Earl David Worden) YouTube channel. Did YouTube demonetize him?
  8. The Frog

    Deer Park Interview

  9. Theresa R

    Arrest Narrative EDW Car Theft 2019-03-26

    After "PASSING A POLYGRAPH" in 1985 and "no longer suspect" of stealing the Mustang GT from Charlie Thomas Ford, Young Earl David Worden was arrested driving the Stolen Mustang GT now further described as a "Cobra" on August 21st, 1985. Indicted Rape Suspect, now deceased Brother Dwane Worden...
  10. Theresa R

    EDW Burglary and Car Theft Investigation 2019-03-26

    Do you remember what you were busy doing the late night, early morning hours of June 23rd-24th 1985? Earl David Worden should since he was busy stealing a Mustang GT from Charlie Thomas Ford. It is clear Earl David Worden was a SCORNED Ex-Employee Security Guard, fired for pilfering the...
  11. Theresa R

    EDW Deer Park Interview

  12. Theresa R

    EDW Emails to Salvaggio 2018 -UNEDITED 2019-03-26

    Check out the emails between EDW and Salvaggio.
  13. Theresa R

    EDW Prison Record Texas Department of Corrections 2019-03-26

    Look at the files produced by the Texas Department of Corrections regarding EDW and his stays in their custody.
  14. The Frog

    Earl David Worden Timeline 2019-03-26

    Interactive Timeline 1985 to 2019 Link To Timeline
  15. Theresa R

    Warrant for Arrest 2019 Earl David Worden 2019-03-26

    The arrest warrant for the current charges of EDW
  16. Theresa R

    Earl David Worden Charging Document 2019 2019-03-26

    This is the charging document for Earl David Worden's most recent arrest.

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