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  1. Theresa R

    Earl Is Suing Us 2021-02-20

    Copy of lawsuit filed in Federal Court by Earl David Worden who is currently on trial for molesting his child and is also a convicted rapist.
  2. Theresa R

    Earl Rape Investigation Police Files 2019-06-23

    This is the original police file from the investigation into the aggravated rape Earl committed in the 80's
  3. Theresa R

    NNH Rape Trial Records 2019-06-23

    These are documents from the original rape trial and jury conviction or Earl David Worden. The documents came from the Harris County Clerk of Court.
  4. L

    EDW Motion to Quash Subpoena 2019-06-03 1

    Deer Park PD's motion to quash the 4/23/2019 subpoena from EDW. The motion was submitted by Deer Park PD on 6/3/2019.
  5. L

    EDW-HPD Incident Reports 1985-07-04 1

    Incident reports from HPD about the events related to Earl's 1986 rape conviction.
  6. Theresa R

    Earl David Worden Army Record P. 2 2019-04-07

    Military record for Earl David Worden
  7. Theresa R

    Earl David Worden Army Record P. 1 2019-04-07

    Army record for Earl David Worden

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