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A celebration off "his boy", Sirhan Sirhan, convicted murdered of Robert Kennedy, being released from prison, as his husband Anselmo, "Chi Chi" as he's called, silently plays with himself and gets high, with his 1000 yard blank stare a Waring blender looks like it has a higher IQ.

I must admit, it's a gutsy move; stupid, but gutsy, to openly advocate for and worship murderers/assassins, especially of a figure who was loved and admired by so many.
You either have to have a lot of balls (we know it's not that because these girls have no balls) or not give a flying fuck to make comments that will adversely affect your brand; if any of his subscribers have at least one brain cell in their skull, 50,000 of them will unsubscribe and never again type "Auditing America" into the youtube search bar.
But my feeling is that if you're subscribing or monetizing these half-wits/half-men, their open worship of a murderer won't phase you, it won't matter one bit, God help you.

Three ignorant children desperately trying to fill dead air with utter nonsense perfectly illustrates why when you've let your mind go blank, turn off the fucking sound.
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