Furry Potato & SGV News: 2 Racist CHIVATOS declare War on small business


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Ironic that rats would call someone calling 911 "snitches".

Furry: "I hope he comes over here. We'll find out if he's puncture proof".

That's pre-meditating murder.

Neither of these two rats have 1st amendment rights as their motivation. Destroying businesses is the goal. Hoping their followers will act upon the doxing info they provide when these two gather info by impacting the businesses google reviews, and maybe taking it a step further. Use of the contact info from computer screens by their followers to act out and harm or kill people associated with the business or their patrons, as well as robbing and vandalizing as well. The two rats don't have the balls to do it themselves so they canvas so their followers can.

They're monetizing misery, and their goal is to cause as much misery as they possibly can. Misery loves company. And these two rats must hate everyone around them almost as much as they hate themselves.


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