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Things are getting serious with this SGV alumni crew of ARMED thugs. Destruction of private property. AND illegally carrying firearms?

note from 17:00 to 17:30:

Ice Cold Cunt says: "Put this on, just in case....Bro... Bro.... (calling Grandpa Downey's attention to something he's adjusting).. Just in case (small chuckle)... (sound of a semi-automatic firearm being chambered?)"

Later, right after the window was smashed, at 21:45, in what looks to me like an effort to maim the driver with the skateboard: "Hey, we gotta' go. C'mon. I ain't gonna' get......" Grandpa Downey says, "Let me take this..." Are they talking about a gun here? Sure seems like it to me, especially minutes after the "Just in case" comment.

He's carrying? Is THAT the source of this pint-sized, sawed-off Ice Cold Cunt coward's bluffed bravery?

AND the one who did the smashing, and has since been arrested, looks and sounds an awful lot like the Ice Cold Cunt's son, a chip off the old Ice Cold Cunt, pictured as the thumbnail for this video (a little younger in that image, but compare). If he is, the poisoned fruit sure didn't fall too far from the rotten Ice Cold tree:

Here's two more videos of the incident:

Isn't this a hate crime? "N****R, N****R, N****R... I'm going to kill you, N****R"?

One lesson to learn here is that you ignore them thinking they will go away at your own peril. The man whose glass was shattered will be lucky if he didn't get shards of glass in his eyes. He also could have been hit by that skateboard and lost an eye.

If you're not built and trained to neutralize the threat yourselves that this armed, virulently malicious gang presents, and wish to remain in operation, hiring the proper fully licensed appropriately armed guards, with the right type of experience is essential to the survival of these business and the safety of management and employees.

Poor Puggy. It shouldn't happen to a dog to have a master-beta like this. Is that down? Sick ass fool.

It's that simple, Dood! :cool:

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Funniest 1A Frauditor video on Youtube:

Ice Cold bitch turning into the Ice Cold Cunt. This is the origin story of how the Ice Cold Bitch turned into the Ice Cold Cunt:

"Hey pussy, come on. Come and hit me again. Come and hit me again", the Ice Cold Bitch rants, pipsqueak that he is. The rat that roared!

The bitch continues like a broken record, "Come and hit me again, come and hit me again" over and over again (thinking that as always, he (and he still IS a "he" at this point) can do and say anything he wants to cops and they will not retaliate, abject coward that this pipsqueak is)

"You bitch ass pussy... What? What? Yeah I'm on my vehicle, bitch" (referring to the police car, the rat thinking that the cruiser belongs to him.. get ready for your transition from male to female, Princess).

"Fuck you", he continues.

Cop stops the cruiser and asks, "You trying to assault me"? And then THERE SHE IS. The Ice Cold Bitch turns into the Ice Cold Cunt, about to be fucked. There she is on the ground. The little Princess' inner cunt revealed, ready to be deflowered.

NOW she changes her tune, a complete 180, now backing down. Her voice now a full octave higher and cracking as she squeals, "Nooooo". "No I didn't. No I didn't. No I didn't" "Better get away from me".
Still crying and pleading, "No I didn't" as she's being put on the ground, cunt that she is. And then the fucking starts.

"Ouuuuuuuuch!!!! Ouuuuuuuch!!! That huuuuuuuurts!!! I didn't do nothing. I didn't do nothing" Crying, sobbing, screaming, Cunt that she's suddenly turned into.

Watch flounder here flip and flop on the ground, screaming, begging for mercy from the same people she was crucifying that finally put her Ice Cold tits where they belong; in a wringer.

What an example. A common coward and criminal teaching her son to be a chip off the old Ice Cold Cunt. What a disgrace. She's got the reverse Midas touch. Everything this cunt touches or comes into contact with turns to shit, just listen to her protege. You go girl. Both of you girls go.

Is that down? :cool:
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The videos in the lead thread, with Princess Ice Cold Cunt spewing threats, racial epithets, and then the assault of the victim and his vehicle is definitive of a hate crime, and as such SHOULD be submitted and reported to the hate crimes divisions of not only ALL relevant criminal authorities; FBI, DOJ, etc. but also all the local, state, and national black activism organizations like Black Lives Matter, Black Panther Party, NAACP, etc. for further scrutiny and then hopefully appropriate action.



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More racist spewing hate crime material, from the equally worthless Glenn "High Ho the" Cerio, the racist in the Dell; cut from the same racist cloth as Princess Ice Cold Cunt:

Including this here in this thread for easier scrutiny, one link hate crime reports it all. Two racists prags for the price of one. Sick ass Fools! Is that down? :cool:


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Not wanting to leave the Ice Cold Cunt's cheese out in the wind, I designed a calling card for him too.


What I fail to understand is that when coherent, he's out looking for fights in every fraudit he undertakes. Like proud papa, Fat Jose McTits and the rest of his motley crew of reprobates and cowards, usually looking to fight the elderly, women, babies, children, the infirmed; people that any man that considers himself a man would be too embarrassed to be seen trying to bait into a fist fight, which of course, as seen in the videos above, he brings weapons to. If the SGV crew's balls had legs they would detach themselves and run away in shame. Yes, the balls of shame.

Now in Steve's neck of the woods, there's no lack of boxing and mixed martial arts gyms. I know of at least a dozen where at a moment's notice, he could walk in, issue challenges and fight until he's tits up, which I'd wager would not take very long based on how easily a relatively average looking cop was able to put Princess on the ground and hold him there.

Also Renzo Gracie is in Los Angeles. There's a Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Beverly Hills, Gracie Barra in downtown L.A., Royce Gracie and HIS students are even nearby if the Ice Cold Cunt wants to call out MEN instead of women, babies, and the elderly.

Make a hell of a video. The Ice Cold Cunt saunters in, challenges the instructors to a fight, like in a Bruce Lee or Jet Li movie, calling them pussies, saying that he owns them; maybe even throw around the N-word while he's there. be interesting to see for how long he remains conscious.

That's my suggestion for Princess Ice Cold. If he wants a fight, go where there are fighters. Best to leave his gun in the car though because it'll wind up sticking out of his probably well-traveled asshole if he goes in and threatens any of THESE people mentioned with it.

I always say, If you want to be a tuff guy, be a tuff guy where it counts. With OTHER tuff guys and then let's see how the cookie crumbles.


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