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What an annoyance to have probation show up at your door!

"Mr. Clean" is upset that Probation came a calling. And WHY did they show up? To annoy him? That's what probation officers do? They randomly go door to door annoying and harassing poor, innocent people? They drive down a street, pick a house, and say, "That looks like a good place to harass some folks for absolutely no reason at all"? Or do 1A Frauditors carrying an arsenal of weapons with them do that? "Let;s harass here", "Let's harass there next" (then laugh like hyenas)? Is that down? Damn, sick ass fools.
Or did probation show up at HIS door for a reason? Like his son? Already a criminal and in the system by the age of 18? A chip off the old block? Shouldn't Nathaniel's dad be HAPPY that his son is dealing with probation instead of becoming the community sperm receptacle in jail? Because of probation coming to his door, Nathaniel can remain free. Free to do his salad-tossing and sword swallowing on the street instead of in stir, if that's his inclination; not for me to judge him, if he is a pansy that's his right to choose fish or fowl. Is that down?
But is Nathaniel possibly following in his dad's footsteps, maybe on the road to a long and illustrious criminal career NECESSITATING a life-long relationship with probation and other officers and courts of the criminal justice system? SJVT has him out with him harassing cops and threatening law-abiding citizens for clicks and views, Proud Papa that he is, right? Maybe he better get used to probation at his door rather than fighting with them and making a pain in the ass out of himself when his son's freedom may hang in the balance?

You know who hates cops and probation? Criminals do. Criminal scum have reason to hate cops. Is that down? Is that down? Sick. Sick ass. Sick ass fools. ROFL.


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