SEAN-PAUL REYES: "Mr. Sedensky, even your family thinks you're an ASSHOLE"


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Fresh out of court and couldn't wait to slander all state officials and state attorney Sedensky.

24 minutes in:

"Also, I did receive and email, from State attorney Sedensky's second cousin, apparently, I don't know... and he told me he was an A-hole. He's like, Yeah, that's my second cousin.. he's an A-hole, and he's not going to let this go".

That's slander. Viable lawsuit material. A big one too. Keep doubling down, Sideshow Sean. And by all means, PLEASE keep talking. Dig your hole so deep that you'll eventually emerge in Hong Kong. That's the only was you're going to escape paying the piper. If you hide. Like I've noted before, You're not as dumb as an ox. You're just about as smart as one.


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In his latest video, the Lawsuit Lottopreneur mentions that on his website, you can "keep track of all of his lawsuits".

He also mentions that "once dismissed or found not guilty, he intends to sue the entire state of Corrupticut, or something of that nature. I'm unsure as to if he intends to just sue the officials and police, or every man, woman, and child in Corrupticut, because as he says, "The entire state is corrupt".

So taken literally, that means everyone and everything within the borders of Corrupticut.

Is this possible? Even for a lawsuit lotto virtuoso like himself. Would he have to do this on an individual basis? Personally serve everyone residing within Corrupticut individually, serving door to door, like a Jehovah Witness giving out pamphlets? Except leaving notices to sue on their doors instead of religious materials? Maybe this is what he means when he speaks of "creating jobs and hiring people". Maybe he's going to assemble his own work force of process servers, attorneys, accountants, secretaries, etc.? That's my guess.

Can he sue the entire state, en masse? Each individual would be responsible for paying him a portion of the award directly should he win?


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