SGV NEWS FIRST: WHO is this fat BITCH that's CRYING to other men?


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I know. There's a number of threads here already on the subject of this white-hating, bloated chivato, but this series of videos is so telling of the true nature of Tubbins, and show's just how much of a hypocrite this fat bitch really is.

But first, let's take a peek at what transpired an hour or two before Tubby cried to the same cop he and his little butt-monkey, the midget, Pedo Libre, were cursing out and berating.


A real "hero", Tubby's specialty is baiting cops, who he knows have to take his abuse without striking back, elderly white men and women, white mothers and their kids.
Tubby takes great pleasure in pointing out to people who call the police that they are "crying to other men, and should handle their own problems... Waaah, Waaah", while his insignificant midget, Pedo Libre, who is simply along for the ride, laughs and chides always from a safe distance, the spineless, white-hating POS.

Tubby knows that he is completely safe and secure in baiting his chosen victims, "Hero" that he is, as his fans call him (ROFL).

So let's take a look and see if Tubby ever cries to other men. If he gets on the phone and calls the police for the least little thing that he can't handle, the fat bitch. Let's see if he's enough of a hypocrite, as well as a consummate coward and actually calls the same cops that he was threatening and telling that he fucks their mothers and wives to come and save his fat, stank ass, trembling and voice shaking like one of his victims does when they call men crying, "Save me from the bad man, Waaaah, Waaaah".



Well there it is! Sure enough. A fat bitch. A scared fat bitch, the other scared bitch, Pedo, somewhere at a safe distance (ROFL). Tubby was too shaken up to even follow the guy back to his pickup to do his usual VIN number capture schtick. The icing on the cake of irony is that Tubby's fans are all in denial. Just look at the totally incredulous comments "You're a hero. You sure showed him". ROFL

That was the first time Tubby was faced with a man who wasn't going to have any of Tubby's usual bullshit. But let's face it, as far as danger goes, this would be phony tough was pure fucking amateur hour. Take it from someone who's trained thousands of men and women, this guy had absolutely no intention of initiating hands on. NONE. A swipe at a camera or mask, belly bumps, a half-assed shove that shouldn't have moved Fatso one inch if his legs, core, and balance weren't as weak as his wind, gasping for air just walking, he NEVER had any intention of going hands on with Tubby, it was all "display". Like a blow fish. Scared the shit out of a tongue-tied Tubby though; who only expected victims, the usual on that visit to his appointed mission that he's more than well compensated for financially; disrupting white-owned businesses, dispensaries, churches (but NEVER a Mosque).


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Incidents like the one above do serve to fuel my prediction of the inevitable. Like I've mentioned in other threads, there's only so many people, and so far you can push them until Lady Luck jumps off your shoulder and runs for the fucking hills before her perch gets driven into the ground and pounded. One day, Tubby and his faithful butt-monkey, Pedo, even from his typically safe distance, are going to choose their victim unwisely. And where 1000 times before, they've gotten away with telling elderly white men that their wife is a whore and she should suck their dicks, the 1001st time, they'll target the wrong old hombre and as meek and mild mannered as he may appear to them, a victim, ripe for their torment, Tubby and his monkey will never know what hit them.

That's why I keep watching. I don't want to miss when the inevitable eventually comes. They'll eventually make the wrong pick sure as the chickens always come home to roost. The miscalculation, the ghost in the machine. I always know that there always is one. The odds are always with the house if you just keep playing and don't quit while ahead.


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From the net worth website:

SGV NEWS FIRST Net Worth in 2021 - Income and Wealth Growth (

By their figures, a youtube revenue of $211,000 yearly, which is usually grossly underestimated as far as figures go.

I know someone who this website reports as having a yearly revenue figure of $162,000 that actually took in $1.76 million in youtube revenue, about 11 times this website's reported estimate.

Let's remember, that $211,000 yearly figure is only youtube ad revenue and does not take into consideration Paypal donations from his subscribers, as if Tubby needs it when you consider info on the dark web about "special interest" money Tubby collects for various services rendered.

My guess is that Tubby is good for at least two to 3 million per year all considered. This, the bloated, white-hating, foul-mouthed, hypocritical cop-caller that begs his followers for donations that they probably can't afford to make to "help him spread the word about the 1st Amendment an bring everyone closer together".



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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... my prophecy is getting closer to becoming fulfilled:

Another audit, another outcry to men to sooth his butt; does anyone sense a pattern? Tubby can't seem to do even one audit without calling his partners in blue to save him from the agony of butthurt, this time because his "beard was pulled", Jesus Christ on a popsicle stick!! His fucking beard was pulled, call the bulls and the Waaaambulance, my god, supposed a grown man, 350 pounds of blubber in a 100 pound bag but his nutsack is vacuum packed.

Interesting is that as ineffectual and half-assed as the attack on Tubby, his monkey, and some stander-by was, it DID come SUDDENLY. From out of the blue. Pearl Harbored. Dry-gulched. A sneak attack, and although their assailant hadn't a fucking clue as to HOW to execute his attack (did he hit them with a friggin' powder puff?), once launched, he did succeed in surprising the hell out of and scaring the living shit out of them.

He was mumbling to police something about his "daughter" being a victim of Tubby and Pedo. It's unclear to me as to if she was victimized that day, or maybe a different day, but it does show one thing. The inevitable is coming. You can't keep terrorizing more people over and over, every day, and not eventually have the law of averages catch up with you until Lady Luck abandons ship, jumps off your shoulder, and heads for the hills before the Titanic sinks and she's knocked off her perch.

It's coming. Eventually, Tubby is going to pick the wrong elderly white woman to call a whore. He'll approach her, tell her to suck his dick, and someone who loves that woman is either going to exact EFFECTIVE street justice themselves or pay someone to do it and beard pulling won't be part of the equation. Fate does tend to balance the books.


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What a disgrace. Tubby turns from a phony tough guy into the stuttering little Princess that he is when he realized he was getting arrested, "Why are you arresting me, SIR?" From his typical taunts of "fuck you pig", now, no more pigs. "SIR" is how he addresses the police as he BEGS to be let go!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!

It's ALWAYS the same with these people. He goes on and on about how he's the toughest man in the world and all cops are pigs, whom he OWNS, and yet he lets a 150 pound male cop, someone he's got 200 pounds on, and a woman cop subdue and arrest him without a struggle, as if he was man enough to try. The tough guy that could handle entire police forces supposedly. WHIMPERING. CRYING. Like the grime-encrusted, fat fairy that he really is when his bluff is called.

Ironically, because some loophole in a law prohibits the cops from running a records check, none of them ever see this;

Montclair man accused of Covina shooting | Crime Scene (


and realize that he's one of the LAST people on earth that should be permitted to carry ANY type of stun gun, let alone one picked because it looks more like a Glock than a Taser. Note the position of the beard in the past few years to cover the tats and moles for clear identification.
Like Ben Affleck said in The Town, "If you're going to be slick, be slicker than a 6 year old", or something like that.

Jose doesn't realize how slick he ISN'T. He's careless. In one video he "doxes himself". He says, "My trolls THINK they know where I live. Joycedale. Yeah. That's right. I'll dox myself, I don't give a shit, then he gives the 5 digit Joycedale address, which although listed, does not exist, at least not as an address for him anyway. So the idiot is shooting live, right from his BACK YARD!!! His TRUE address, living with dad. Isn't that nice? He STILL lives with dad. And he's shooting straight up into the air from under his chin, and the asshole doesn't realize that his video has the telephone poles, the inside roof of the UNFINISHED garage or shed, and the SIDE OF THE HOUSE/garage and roof, which is VERY distinctive in shape, placement, color, position to the poles etc. And the moron has his pickup parked right in the driveway on satellite images!! EASY to find his and dad's true C......o Street address for a wizard who knows how.


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One of El Gordo Gonzales' latest efforts:

Though El Gordo could never be accused of possessing a degree of competency with the English language, semi-literate "sick ass fool" that he is ("is that down?"), he can't even manage to spell "pussy"; a word that he throws around just about every other sentence.

Gutsy though, now that he's challenging folks to mutual combat. I wonder if that includes his being able to use the weapons he routinely carries, that police don't seem interested in, against an unarmed combatant. Gee. I wonder what the reason can possibly be why El Chivato Gordo always gets a free pass from police. ROFL!!

Anyway, now he's got me curious as to whether or not if Tubby's challenge for mutual combat is open to all comers or was just specifically issued for the security guards that day.

I've heard Tubby say something to the effect of his being the toughest man on the planet once or twice before. This may be a way for Tubby to actually prove that he's something more than a fat "pussey". Gutsy move though for someone that's gassing out just walking uphill holding stick to challenge men to mutual combat.


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