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Welcome to FAAN Club, your connection to the First Amendment Auditing Community. This website was created to facilitate an open discussion about how auditing and cop watching can help or hurt our ability to exercise our Constitutional Rights.
FAAN Club was created by activists and viewers who’s interest is in increasing the political strength and public support of the auditing community. Our goal is to increase the public’s trust, respect and interest.
FAAN Club is a work in progress. Please add us as a book mark and continue to come back. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!
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is there a way to do private messages and can you make me a staff please so no one can block me I dont want any privileges i just want the right not to be blocked ever.
Private messages are called "conversations". You can mouse over the users avatar and click the link to start a conversation. You may include up to 10 people in your private conversation.

As for making staff so that you are protected...lol
Glad to be a part of this as an alternative to Discord. I don't want any part of the Discord shitshows.
Although I've done a few audits, I consider myself more of a propagandist for the cause of accountability activism.
I have been a prolific commentator on YT since the days of Kenny Suiter, Jeff Gray, Jc Playford, Tom Zebra etc, long before most of the current crop of auditors (good and bad) became 'famous'.
I promote videos of some of the most egregious examples of police misconduct on a half dozen accountability pages on Facebook.
I love to read and study caselaw, and like to point people in the right direction when it appears they are misquoting law and caselaw by providing citations to the correct or applicable law.


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Hi all. As I’m from the UK, I have started taking an interest in the way the US authorities react to the various auditors....it’s not all that different to the reaction I see in UK video postings. This site looks pretty good, and hopefully I can follow how some of the auditors fair in their court appearances. Thank you.


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