Why the fascination with Plates and VINs?


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I have a question about almost all auditors in general.

What's up with the focus on and fascination with license plates and VIN numbers? Auditors in general so gleefully and seemingly with a vindictiveness film license plates, VIN numbers, some actually incurring a risk of being run over to do so. Some not only film VINs and plates, but shout the numbers with each character enunciated in bold relief, SEVEN BRAVO FOUR, etc., etc.. Some of these auditors speak with accents or horrible diction, slurring their speech, it's often difficult to understand them, and yet, when they're yelling plate numbers aloud, suddenly they sound like they graduated from the Berlitz School of Diction.

Plate and VIN numbers are easily read in public ANYWHERE. I can walk outside, and with my untrammeled 20/15 vision read the plate numbers on cars parked up and down the block.

So unless the auditor is specifically presenting a plate and VIN number; suggesting to their fans that they should try to research the identity, the names and addresses of the owners for these vehicles, and subliminally suggesting that with this info obtained, should possibly impact the owner's lives in some way, I can't imagine what this fascination is for VINs and plates that anyone on the street can see on any block or in any lot.


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