A short tutorial on the English language for NC Tyrant Hunter and others..


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who don't know a negative from a positive.

"Don't you never" = Always. It doesn't mean "don't" you, and it doesn't mean "never" when you string those words together like that.

When you tell a cop, "You know better than that. Don't you never ask for my ID, because you're not getting nothing". You've actually just told the cop, "ALWAYS ask for my ID, because you will get it". You're not getting nothing, a double negative = you're getting something.

See how that works, imbecile? Inbreeding + uneducated = a fucking disaster. Thank God for cameras and Youtube or you'd be giving hand jobs to other hobos for a living, right, Useless?


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Tough guy, Jeff. "Fuck you". "Bam!" (flipping the bird), "Go fuck your mother", etc., etc.: like seemingly every other auditor making videos. The toughest, biggest, baddest mofo who ever breathed air....... until it's time to go hands on. Then no more tough guy. That tough guy is suddenly replaced by a cowering little girl, screaming, "Ouch... Ouch.... Ouch.....my hand..... Ouch.... my fingers .... Ouch .... my balls ... Ouch .... my arm ......etc. FAKE screams 99% of it. The screams of a bratty little girl who didn't get her way, now in cuffs, throwing a tantrum. Whether it's Mr. Five by Five here, or Ice Cold Brain, or Press NH Now, or Long Island Audits, or the Anselmo the Sex Deviate and his two dwarves in tow, the flea with the egg beater and the one with imaginary lat syndrome, who walks around, with spaghetti arms akimbo like he's got 150 more pounds of muscle than he does, so much muscle that he can't relax his elbows against his sides, it's all the same act. Tough guys. Invulnerable. Until it's time to go hands on. Then? Not so tough. Not so much.

Then, like Mr. Five by Five, the moment the cuffs come off the tough re-emerges, "You're lucky I didn't.....". Yeah, right, Kal-El. Why didn't you break out of the cuffs instead of screaming like little girls?

It's so predictable. the same threats, the same reactions, the same talking points, over and over... :rolleyes:


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