ACE KING: The Typical Acura Amanda Subscriber


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Maybe mostly overlooked by many, to me, the comment section of these videos lend insight into the minds of the followers/worshippers/subscribers, otherwise known as the consumers of these videos.
I find the comment section fascinating. In them, you'll find from the ridiculous to the sublime. Threats, doxing, outright calling for the deaths of the people being ridiculed by auditors, praise, suggestions for the auditor, etc., etc.

Here's an example of the type of devotee/subscriber following Acura Amanda:

Comment by Ace King concerning the cops in Ugl.... er' Acura Amanda's cop harassment video:

Ace King: "Have a public linching".

Now this comment isn't anywhere near as severe as some of the suggestions from SGV's followers; comments like, "Put the spice in the car and spray her baby right in the face. See if she likes that". And "come back late an night and throw rat poison over their fence. Kill all their dogs". And of course when SGVs followers dox people whose names are on the police car computers, post their home address and then call for them to be killed, but none the less, once I saw the comment "Have a public linching", I wondered. "This slovenly, obese fucking moron is calling for something he can't even spell (LYNCHING); what type of scummy bear does that?

So I looked at his channel, and he has a few uploaded videos:

Thankfully marching up hills "for the Lord" on Sunday, and calling for the public Lynching of cops on Monday. Another fat friggin' hypocrite.


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How stupid can someone be? You have only to actually listen to Amanda's spiel for the definitive answer to that question.

at about 7:48 this horse-toothed twit actually says:

"Some of my viewers don't have any internet access", an excuse she always uses to explain why she can't be like everybody else and simply do record requests online. One would think at least once she would say that, then stop and think, "WTF did I just say? My videos are online. My viewers are watching me online, and I just said that my viewers have no internet access?" Undaunted by her idiocy, she babbles on, repeating the implausible a few moments later.

But since education in the US has been dumbed down in the last 30 years to the point where the general public has the IQ of a Waring blender, nobody says, "WTF are you talking about? Where are your videos your viewers are watching? They're not on the internet? If not, how are your viewers viewing them? By magic? Are you streaming your videos right into their heads? I have to tell you Missy Teeth, you are one consummate bullshit artist; a fucking liar from the word "go" and not a very crafty one at that".

I'm not going to be totally unkind to this brain-dead pinhead and say she's as DUMB as an ox.
Instead, I'll say she's almost as SMART as one.
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