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With my apology to birds, this is funny.

Skankura Amanda doesn't even know where the fuck she is. At which building she's about to attempt an insurrection. One of her flock of other failed bird brains has to correct her location for her before they attempt to illegally force their way in past security!


Every once in a while, momentarily remembering that she's a part of this, you hear her chirping in the background, trying to stay relevant and be part of the fun, her typical nonsensical bullshit, like "do you tell that to the judge", as if she's fit to judge more than shit and piss, IMO.


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Watching a video like this and noting the birds of a feather that Skankura has taken to surrounding herself with, Skankura seeming somewhat smitten with them, leads me to wonder what happened to separate Skankura from Mr. Acura, although I have a fairly good idea of what went down between the two former lovebirds.

In one of her videos, Skankura Amanda briefly mentioned that she and "Mr." Skankura Amanda were no longer together. Not much of a surprise to me when considering her running the streets at all hours with reprobates instead of being home with Mr. and Jr. Skankura.

I'd sure like to get Mr. Skankura Amanda's take on what happened. Not that it's of any real importance, but because it may be interesting. Maybe I'll start a thread paging Mr. Acura Amanda and see if we can coax him out of the underbrush to join and share with us what occurred if he'd like to discuss it.


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Does Nick ever STFU? He's like a friggin' magpie. A drone in the background to such an extent that his voice starts to blend in with the white noise. The CMB. The residual leftover of the Big Bang.

At 5:28 in, Magpie Nick says, "Just one more question". Twenty minutes later, Magpie Nick is STILL asking ridiculously asinine questions, he hasn't shut up for more than 5 seconds, this guy could give Amagansett Press' "Leather Lungs" Jason Gutterman a run for his money always gunning his motor mouth. And he never runs out of gas!! How can a 220 pound man with a 50 pound gut NOT run out of gas after 5 minutes of asking the same incessant ridiculously hypothetical questions without a bearing on anything let alone for 25 minutes?

And talking about asinine, the frauditor wearing orange and green reveals his stunningly stupifying sense of logic, proving that he fits right in with the other birdbrains, by equating City Hall's policy on filming inside akin to asking visitors to not wear a shirt.

And will somebody PLEASE someday perform a public service by teaching these poor assholes the PROPER pronunciations of the words, "tyranny" and "tyrannical". Teaching them the TRUE MEANING of the words might be helpful as well.

At one point, someone approaching City Hall, seeing the commotion at the entrance starts filming from a distance and the Skank says mentions something about his "taking pictures of her so he can jerk off later with the images of her".

Does this skank, this pig REALLY think THAT highly of herself? That everyone who sees her "cunt" resist her and "cunt" help themselves to refrain from just whipping it out and jerking themselves off right then and there because she's just too "hot" and "sexy" to do otherwise? Is this annoying, bleating skank THAT delusional? WTF?


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