Acura Amanda: Look no further than yourself for a LIAR.


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She spots a cop sitting in his cruiser, walks over and notices he's using his phone. She has a problem with that.

She also takes issue with and whines about the blue line on the flag, which is not desecration. Burning or shredding the flag would be desecration. A blue line on it is not; wake up auditors.

Though filming him, hypocrite that she is, she also takes issue with his filming her on his body cam, which is what it's for, to film interactions, which her standing 1 foot from his door, this most certainly has become.

She's trying to capture the computer screen because auditors prime concern appears to be doxing more than the first amendment. They want their patrons to see names, addresses, phone numbers, etc., i.e. anything they can provide their fans with that may lead to someone doxed being harmed, or their business robbed or torched, it would seem.

Once Amanda sees that the officer is black, she ups her game and gets so close to the cruiser that the officer has to ask her to step away from the door so he can exit the vehicle.

Now she reminds him that he works for her, he's her servant, and that's her car he's driving. I'm surprised she didn't order him to wash her feet and cunt for her. I thought that would be next from this self-entitled, whiny, bratty liar.

As they always do, Amanda demands his supervisor appear, and when the Sgt. shows up, she whines, "I wasn't anywhere NEAR the vehicle". The Sgt. buys that pure, unadulterated bullshit hook, line, and sinker, and performs the ritual foot and cunt washing she initially demanded from the cop by accepting unfounded complaints on the cop from her based on nothing more than her unsubstantiated lies.


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The two Doxers in chief don't seem to appreciate being doxxed!

The horse-toothed, fish-mouthed, cherry nosed Amanda actually thinks that the Sgt. is "stalking her". ROFL

That he has her name and address on his mind because she's such a beauty that he can't help but to stalk her. Her. Amanda. Cops are willing to risk it all, just to try to get with her, as narcissistically delusional as that is. How many times did she say that in this video? About 10? "I'm on his mind. He's stalking me" ROFL!!!!!

Maybe all of them have Amanda and Amy (another raving beauty) on their minds because they're two pains in the asses and serve no earthly purpose OTHER than disruption, like two entitled brats in Kindergarten that want the sole attention of the teacher any way they can get it.

This "every man wants me, no man can resist me, so they arrest me so they can stalk me" bullshit that Amanda is spewing reminds me of Minnesota Guardian's constant claims that "every woman wants me".

So here they sit. Complaining about being doxxed on youtube. Meanwhile ANYBODY who wants to know their identities, addresses, associates, family members, etc., etc, can find that out online merely by searching the net with a little patience. It's all there. Everything about everybody who breathes air. All on the web, and anything you WANT to know that can't be found on the 10% of the web that you can readily see with the standard browsers can be found on the deep or dark web using special browsers to ferret out that needed info, nothing illegal about it. All the auditors personal info, Amanda and Amy no exceptions.

A dose of reality for these two and others who want the police abolished. Who do their best to achieve that end. The only reason two self-entitled nobodies like Amanda and Amy can roam the streets between midnight and 6AM all night, every night is because there ARE police to give pause and deter the presence of people that would eat the both of them alive if NOT for police presence. And what a wonderful world that would be, right, you two stupid children if there were no laws, no rules, no police, no jails, no military; no mechanism for the weak to be protected from predators. What a "wonderful world" that would be, right?. Until you tried to live like a gazelle in a jungle filled with lions.

So here they sit. Two gazelles complaining to the ones about the ones who keep the lions from tearing them into pieces. Two stupid, entitled gazelles. :rolleyes:
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