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I'm reminded of Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Lenny Pickett. Two jazz and funk saxophonists who could "circular" breathe. A system of sustaining wind column management that allows them to maintain "blowing" while drawing a breath, meaning they can play incredibly long stretches then a player stopping his flow of notes to draw a breath for the next phrase.

I get the impression from Jason Gutterman that he delivers his harangues, his words in machine gun staccato, without ever having to stop, even for a moment to draw a breath for the his next barrage of bullshit.

Not only must he have lungs like a fireplace billows, but flame retardant gums and lips as well, because I always watch his mouth when he spews, and although I do see the wisps of smoke caused by the heat from the high rpm friction of his mouth, I've never seen his mouth burst into flames from it, as one might expect.

Could be the talking through his nose, the slight nasal twang, is saving him from the necessary threshold of friction needed to combust his mouth. It's perplexing to say the least.

At any rate, the video above is intriguing. It's what happens when it finally dawns on an auditor's victim, "Say, with a minute. If the 1st Amendment is legally allowing this sawed-off runt to crucify me for no other reason than to monetize my misery, then because I too am protected under the 1st amendment, I can get down off my cross and crucify my tormentor, right?"

This guy scared the living shit out of the sawed-off clown. You could see it. You could hear it. Scared him ALMOST straight. Almost out of doing audits altogether any more. Matter of fact, it was about a month before mini-Jason got back up on his mini-horse and audited again.

Once the victims embrace that what's good for the goose is good for the goose's target, this type of audit will occur with far greater frequency.


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