AUDITING AMERICA: Sexual Battery, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping, Domestic Battery charges!


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"Chi-Chi (Anselmo) tried to kill me".

Most men (and in Anselmo's case, I use the term "men" reluctantly) that resort to violence, threats, fear, imprisonment, punishment, etc. in their effort to CONTROL a woman would NEVER EVEN DREAM of getting physical with another man. They would never act out and raise a hand to a man, which is why women become their chosen soft targets of choice.

This is the only thing that makes them feel like a man; the only thing that makes their typically flaccid, failed erections into a semi-limp, half a hard on.

There is no limit to the degree of cowardice that would cause a man to strike a woman, or pull scissors and threaten to stab a woman. No limit. This is base cowardice. The lowest of the low. Irredeemable garbage.


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