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Begging for $1.00 from each subscriber (127,000) so he can start another lawsuit. As if it costs $127,000 to file a lawsuit. ROFL

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etc., etc. because "The love is real, you're all my family". ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"I love you, I love you, I love you, I lo.........." enough, already, Dan Cupid. Jesus Christ on a popsickle stick, is any auditor more nauseating?

Wouldn't it be easier for these lawsuit lotto playing virtuosi to learn how to take a fall. Maybe take some of that $127,000 and hire a stuntman to train them, move to Vegas, and systematically hit each casino, a different one every day, rinse and repeat once you've made a full route of all of them? Just trip up or down some stairs, grab your neck howling in pain, take the trip to the ER, and show up at the casino on crutches the next day with a letter of intent to sue for $100,000,000 while wearing a neck brace, settle for $10 mil?


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Looking for love in all the wrong places? In a Pedophile's Paradise?:

Loitering in the lobby of Juvenile probation to hopefully catch a glimpse of juveniles and snap photos? Maybe even try to interact with them? Identify them for future reference?

"If you can film the juveniles, why can't I?", BAT says, or something to that effect, I can't go back and listen to the precise bullshit again or I'll projectile vomit in disgust, he should swallow his tongue when cruising juveniles and trying to use some perverse logic with security to attempt gaining access to his prize.

Well, that's an easy one to answer, and I'm surprised that no one ever fires back when 1AAs with an interest in children point out that they have the right to their access too, "Why can't you film the juveniles? So you can't take your video of the kids back home and smack your weasel watching it. We're afraid that you might choke your little chicken a bit too hard and the poor little thing may fall off; we wouldn't want that, would we? We're looking out for you too, you're welcome".

This morbid obsession with juveniles and persistent efforts to gain access to film them explains many things first suspected, but now confirmed about some of the behavior I've seen lately towards children and contempt for their mothers by 1AAs when they object to their kids being crucified and exploited for clicks and for personal gratification.


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