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Desert Sentinel's channel being taken down is a desperate act by the pathological liar and convicted rapist Earl David Worden. We will hold him accountable.
While not being as prolific as some of the others in California, Desert Sentinal always came across to me as a just plain Decent Guy.
Looking out for those less fortunate in his community amongst other things.
I've been silent too long.


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All I know for sure is YouTube took down DS and Frog. What I can't say for sure is why. Earl does seem to be the logical choice but I haven't seen evidence. We do know he's done it before, at least he took credit for it.

Theresa R

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Earl has tried to silence anyone who speaks out against him. The removal of Frog and Desert's channels is just the newest in a long list of censorship Earl has been involved in.


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He was taken down suddenly with no warning - We can only surmise at the reason however arrows do point towards Houston Texas
It very well could have been pissed off taxpayer as well. The last video I remember desert sentinel doing, he chastised POT in it and I thanked him in the comments for doing so. Then POT made a fool of himself, again, before deleting his comments. And POT brags about getting accounts taken down, he even posted a video with lists of people he had taken down and people he was trying to take down. Plus he's a huge NNH supporter.

Ocean Of Light

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You are well liked Desert Sentinel. I miss your very well made and informative videos and your document retrievals. Rest up and take the time you need. Please know that we want you back every if it's in a lighthearted conversation. We shall welcome you back with bells and whistles in any form you wish to engage in :)


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