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Is that a gun under the bullet proof vest of Abad Amilca(r) Sandoval Gonzalez? Or is he just freakishly endowed and excited to see that man? :D

Note: At 3:45 in, when the gentleman approaches, Abad reaches under the left side of his bullet-proof vest. First without a thumb, then, his entire hand, thumb and all. You don't need your thumb to palm pepper spray. But you DO need your thumb to grip a gun. So note to police: What has he got concealed under the left side of his vest? Looks bulky, IMO. Stands way out as scrawny as he is. The gentleman that approached him seems to have noticed and mentioned it as well!!

At 5:46, once established that the police are being called, Gonzalez gives Aguirre the hand signals to leave and they walk to an area with planters and greenery in front, making small talk to distract, and then slow down, stop, and that segment of the video ends abruptly. With the possible stashing of weapons in the greens that they had scoped out beforehand for that potential use? They're very slick. But about as slick and sophisticated as two 6 year olds, IMO.

Now, anyone who watches these videos has seen exactly WHERE he keeps his pepper spray (pocket) and his stun gun (hip) and UNDER THE VEST is not the typical location for either of these items as far as what I've seen.

So what did the coward who won't audit without his weapons have under the vest that he wanted to make sure was obvious to the gentleman who approached?


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And while we're at it, I wonder about KCs LEFT ANKLE. Unless Abad Amilca(r) Sandoval Gonzalez is a gimp, he favors that left lower leg and always appears to look down periodically to specifically visually check that left calf/ankle area. He moves that lower leg/ankle like someone either with an ankle monitor or carrying a weapon in that area and the left lower pants leg moves suspiciously, as if more bulk under the left lower pant legs than the right.

He's also reluctant to bend and articulate that ankle joint the same way as his right. As if something may dislodge and fall if he moves unguardedly.

My guess is that there's still another weapon stashed on his lower left leg. A shiv (blade) stuffed in a tall sock? Or in a sheath strapped around the calf perhaps? And if so, and it's not that he's simply a gimp, with one semi-functional leg, then this SGV New First Gang are even more cowardly than I could have thought in my wildest dreams. Pure puke, IMO.

"It's that simple, Doods".


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What I can't understand

3:48 in and the man approaching has become aware of a potential weapon directly under the vest, left chest. He's looking directly at it.

3:54 to 3:58, Abad makes the twin mistakes of coming TOO CLOSE; touching close, and of removing his hand once he had already made the man aware that he's probably concealing a weapon.

This is pure, fucking amateur hour.

Abad may as well say, "Please take this from me", and any REAL combat specialist would have owned that arm and whatever was under the vest, with Abad's hand at his side or still gripping whatever is in there. Allowing the man to get that close, Abad would have been grounded and pounded before he or Silence cunt knew what was happening. Before Abad could draw that weapon, if there.

I watch this and cringe. Any one of my students, male or female, would have owned whatever was under Abad's vest.

Someone confronts you representing what is or appears to be a concealed gun, you do NOT LEAVE IT UP TO THEIR GOOD GRACES TO SPARE YOU. You spare yourself. You don't play games with your life on the line.

You assume ill intent and then ACT, save yourself, and if you don't know how, you LEARN. You hire someone in your area to teach you and learn defense AND offense.
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Relevant video for inclusion in this (and many other) thread(s) that clearly explains the personality traits behind and motivating this type of behavior:



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Silence Boy's new video featuring him and KC at the airport further reinforces what I noticed about his carrying with him, always reaching into his bulletproof vest on the left side when anyone approaches and he's wearing his vest.


No bulletproof vest in the AIRPORT. EVER. ANY videos of him at LAX. BIG penalties for unlicensed, concealed carry if he's searched at the airport and has a firearm where he's usually reaching with his left hand, inside the left arm hole of the bulletproof vest. Wouldn't matter if he's a star stool pigeon or not; Goodbye and Goodnight, Abad. JAIL TIME. Federal offense in an airport.

But he doesn't need it here either way. Notice how much more subdued and less trouble-making he is here than his typical threatening, combative self on the streets, when harassing business owners and their employees.

THEN he wears the vest. The reason? If he draws and fires, if a victim manages to return fire, shooting back center mass, chances are the vest will save him. Police and those he approaches should take note of this. An observant 6 year old should be able to figure out this tactic.

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