El Charro Negro Justice Arrested: The Mexican Padilla of Arizona


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Mar 27, 2019
El Charro Negro Justice (Patrick) was arrested today at the Pima County Consolidated Justice Center in Arizona when he, Katilla, and Tuc showed up for Katilla's pretrial conference and almost immediately created a disturbance inside the courthouse. They were told they could not record inside the courthouse based on an administrative order. They defied the order. They were all told to leave the building, but Katilla was allowed to go inside the courtroom for her hearing. Tuc joined her. Patrick left the building, but not before the hearing was interrupted because of the argument going on outside the courtroom doors.
After the hearing, Katilla and Tuc joined Patrick outside the courthouse. Tuscon police showed up claiming that Patrick was not allowed to be on county property, had a restriction on being within 100 feet of certain security personnel at the courthouse, and was detained. Patrick became his usual confrontational, hotheaded self, and argued with the cops. In the end, Patrick was placed under arrest.
Note: As a result of an earlier disturbance Patrick caused inside the courthouse while filming, the justice center now has signs prohibiting entry into the building with cameras. This is the same scenario that played out in Leon Valley with Mexican Padilla: Auditor acts the *advertiser censored* and instead of expanding freedom ends up causing a greater restriction on freedom than existed prior to their assholery. Congratulations to Patrick and Katilla the Freedom Destroyer.
Here is the video of Patrick's arrest. You can go back to the start if you'd like Katilla's version of history and law:

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