ELY: FINALLY GOT THE "RIGHT ONE".. and WIMPED out. What a surprise!! ROFL


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At 2:55 in, "You've got the right one", Meely Ely's intended victim says.

And after a little bit of posturing from both sides, Meely Ely CUTS THE CAMERA OFF. What a wimp! Finally finds what he's looking for. The right Huckleberry, and what does he do? Cuts off the scene, turns tail and God only knows how profusely Meely Ely apologized off-camera, maybe even throwing in a tossed salad with his butt-siphoning lips.

Just goes to show what these phony tuffs really are when their bluff is called, their bark ALWAYS worse than their bite.

And ironically BOTH of them were bluffing. Two blow-fish, puffing up to try to bluff each other. If "You've got the right one" had ANY intention of getting down to business, unnecessary words would have only delayed the remedy to the business at hand that should have been handled instantly, if handled at all. Two posers here. Predator and prey. Laughable. Two prags for the price of one! :D

Side note: Meely Ely actually has the balls to include a double bicep pose in his Youtube graphics!! NOT EVEN A TRACE of anything resembling tangible muscle mass. The muscle mass of your average 10 year old girl. In fact, if he told you he "works" out, you'd either think it was comedy or that he was a liar, or delusional.

I always ask God why he doesn't put me right in the path of someone like Meely Ely. I'd put on a show for him the likes of which Meely Ely would remember for the rest of his life; if he wasn't already a crack smoker, he'd start; right after he took his camera and smashed it into a million pieces. . :)
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