Fat Jose Gonzalez SGV News first: Menacing a security guard


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No mistaking it. 5:10 in, El Gordo menacingly moves right into the hapless security guard's space, moving him back as he advances. Although the elder guard is in an appropriate position, before Fat Jose took his second step forward into guard #1s space, threatening him verbally as he did thus making his intentions of violence towards guard #1 clear, guard #2 should have had his piece already drawn and leveled at one of Jose's vital areas. It should also be noted that Fat Jose is wearing a bulletproof vest under his shirt as part of his tactical array, police and security should take note if and when the need arises to deploy their weapons in self-defense.


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Today's mission: Find and torture a black woman (the elderly, women, and children their specialty, rats that they are).

Fat Jose McTits professes, "We're here to preach love and the word of God"!


But I don't recall any of the Apostles described as being armed to the teeth; with firearms. stunguns, shivs, chemical sprays, while wearing bullet proof vests.

And is this Fat Jose McTits' congregation? His flock? And he's there to guest preach love and the word of God?


This flock doesn't look like Fat Jose McTit's Congregation Nation of Pinheads. I don't see Furry, Silence Cunt, or the Ice Cold Cunt there anywhere, it can't be an official meeting of the Congregation's Nation of Pinheads.


So what does Fat "Friar" Jose McTits, purveyor of all things Godly do instead, after being given the bum's rush, aptly named? He tortures and badgers a black woman instead. A woman taking time out from her Sunday in an effort to do some good. Who knows why? Does it matter? Who cares why? She's trying to make someone feel good. Maybe about themselves, or others, or life in general, but Fat Jose McMiserable Cunt takes umbrage with that. Not on his watch, right?
Fat Father Jose McTits, armed to the teeth, laces into her, attacking not only her but her reasons for doing what she is doing, as if McTits here is God and knows all, sees all.
And he lays into her, stopping just short of outright screaming "whore" and "n****r" right into her smiling face, cowardly piece of shit that he and his whole crew are.
I am honestly surprised that he didn't taze her, his contempt and hatred for blacks seemingly even greater as of late than his usual hatred for whites, IMHO.

Later, Fat Jose McTits mentions how "ineffective security was".


That was "ineffective"? To me, in a way they were. Too many words. "Out", "Go", "Move"; IMO those are the only three words anyone charged with the security of an installation or person should need to have in their "at work" vocabulary. No exceptions. If you find yourself needing more words than that, you're a doorman or a doormat, and not security.
And although security here didn't limit their words, they most certainly were effective at running Fat Jose, his McTits, his little butt cleaning, greasy haired monkey, Pedo the dwarf, and whomever that skeletal non-entity is with them that has the good sense not to speak, so not to remove all doubt that he may not be a fucking moron like the rest of them, off of the property and into the street, where they belong.

IMO, it was God's will that they were not allowed inside the church. IMO, they would have been fumigating for days, it would have taken weeks to get the stench out, these three LOOK like they stink to high heaven, the Lord would have smelled them long before he could see them.
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