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Flex Your Freedoms - YouTube

One of the Great Dr. Dave Beers' videos introduced me to Flex/Grandma.

Very hard working and prolific, I've been introduced to many 1AAers I was previously unaware of by watching Dr. Dave's superb videos.

Flex Your Freedoms is definitely worth watching and to be honest, as talented and funny as he is, I'm astonished that his subscribers only number 13.2K .

Flex is very funny, with a great sense of humor; actually a wonderfully effective 1AA educator, and gets his messages across with a good natured, comedy/satire style delivery, using different interesting characters without resorting to the typical badgering, name calling, baiting, and menacing that is the standard fare of most auditors.

His grandma character is genuinely hilarious. Not just his interactions, but even grandma's narration during the videos. Lots of fun. A laugh a minute.

Interesting to note that animals are drawn to him and unfearful as he reaches out gently, slowly, to pet them. Flex is a good person, IMO. This is not the typical 1AA narcissistic sociopath.

I can't recommend his videos highly enough. Like I said, lots of fun, and Flex knows as much about the law as he does about being funny and making 1AA auditing ENJOYABLE and FUN, even for the people being audited if they at all have any sense of humor at all. Good to see the exception to the rule of 1AA auditing.

Well done, Flex. Keep it up. You're on the right path, IMO.


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This is one of my favorites. 1AA performance art!

A stark contrast to the thuggish, combative, abusively racist tactics and menacing of the well armed SGV street gang.

What Flex does takes TALENT. A thing that's woefully absent in the typical SGV thugs' output, and those just like them, screaming, "Fuck you N*****R, your nappy hair stinks", and "Fuck you, Pig" at cops, and telling old men you're going to fuck their wives right in front of them, right before spraying elderly women with mace that you've called a gook, then 3 minutes later crying to the same cops to help you with your problem with another man if it all doesn't go their way, incredible cowards that they are.

That takes no talent at all. Just a hatred for people, and being a piece of shit, which isn't much of a talent or attribute.
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