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Currently subbed to over 350 cop watch and Amendment auditors. I watch all and just want to learn about law.There are thousands of laws against us, but all we have is the constitutional laws against them. Once a violation of our rights has been committed or even a alleged violation occurred. It is our duty as citizens to immediately place the person under arrest.Still haven't seen this happen,why? Remember we peacefully place them under arrest.


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You appear to be very passionate about the issue, but there are many law, policies, ordinances, and regulations that help protect our rights. Most are supported and based upon the Constitutional (state and Federal) rights afforded to us. The use of a private persona's arrest (citizen's arrest) leaves you with lots of exposure to both legal and financial harm. IMO a more effective way to address perceived wrongs is through the courts if the harm is significant. Otherwise, you most document and create a detailed paper trial of the events and any repetition of them including time, place, people involved including potential witnesses, actions taken following each event. As the laws differ between jurisdictions, it is impossible to create a single guide to cover all possible event. Reading and participating in the forums on FAANClub is a great place to guidance.


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