Four Recommended First Amendment Frauditor Auditor YouTube channels


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Many thanks, so happy to make your list!
You deserve it. If there's a Dr. Dave, or LaFamiliaTV/Destination 2Truth, or Unclean Hands, or Gary Snow auditing of a particular 1AA audit, I prefer watching THOSE rather than the raw original for the commentary, which is typically spot on, IMO, and for the HUMOR, which is far more enjoyable to watch than the raw original. The humor is an added bonus that takes the edge off of watching these aggravating narcissistic psychopaths and sociopaths.

What you four on this list do IS journalism!! Not showing up and instigating a story, the auditor himself the story. The reporting and presentation that you frauditor auditors do, and do well, IS JOURNALISM, and very well done. Keep up the great work, Dr. Dave. Always looking forward to your videos!


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