Glenn Cerio: the OCTOMOM of the OCTOGON


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Pregnant with octuplets? Or just looks it?

"You have only to take off that badge and gun and I'd be willing to scrap with you" All nine of you? ROFL

On a side note, you know you don't have much time left on this world when your resting respiration is 30 breaths per minute. An eternity suckling rotten milk from the Devil's poisoned teats soon awaits, OctoGlenn. ROFL.


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Side note: Looks at the "Cecil Turtle" posture. Fatso has to lean his torso back, his shoulders rotated back to try counterbalancing the ponderous weight of his belly, which unless he assumes that awkward posture, will pull him forward onto his fat, ugly, semi-mongoloid-like face. This forces him to crane his neck forward, I imagine to see the ground anywhere in the general vicinity of his feet, if he's able to at all see where he's planting those flat feet of his.

This craned, turtle neck/head and weak receding chin are a hitter's dream target. You get two for one. The chin and throat with one blow. Where does one end and the other begin? lol

And, flapping, flat-flooted fatso here, who walks like a duck, and can't even get out of his own way, is the one challenging all comers to fight? "Take off that badge and gun and I'll be more than happy to scrap with you"? That's about right. Scraps. That's what would be left of him if your average 12 year old boy scrapped with him. ROFLMAO.


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Another narrated video from the Great One, FamiliaTV:

The reaction of the cops goes a long way to explain why Cerio can pretty much do whatever the fuck he pleases. He can freely participate in police investigations, standing shoulder to shoulder with the cops, conducting his own investigation undeterred by the cops. He can threaten the cops with injury or death, again undeterred.

I have no doubt that if an officer did point a firearm at Cerio, that Cerio would take the piece and kill every officer at the scene with it, again undeterred by all police present, just as he promises he would. Fear would prevent them from action to help a fellow officer, their only thought would be, "I hope Cerio leaves me alone if I stand back and allow him to murder all my fellow officers", Cerio is calling this dead on! He's not imagining this. The officer's reactions speak volumes as to the immeasurable level of their cowardice, some of them actually appear to be on the verge of tears, shaking in fear of Cerio. As insanely ridiculous as it would be for armed cops to be afraid for their lives, from this bloated, huffing and puffing, bovine Mongoloid, who can't even get out of his own way, that is exactly the case. These cops are visibly terrified of this blubbering beached whale, Cerio. He is absolutely correct in his assessment.

These "men" wearing badges are NOT men, and Cerio full well knows and takes advantage of it. Cops are the last thing on Earth they should be, and before police standards were lowered to ZERO, they would have been laughed out of wherever they applied.

They are shaking with fear that Cerio may set upon them. This is the new breed of police. The new standard for the 2020s. Abject cowardice. The average 8 year old could outfight the entire Everett Police Department, or any other entire police department in America at present it would seem, sad to say, because the police would just stand there like the cowards they are. How much of a stretch would it be for cops to be terrified of an unarmed 8 year old if the mere sight of Cerio sets them into panic mode.

Police should be de-funded and eliminated. ALL police. It's a waste of money to employ cowards that are afraid of their own shadows and wouldn't even have the courage to defend themselves against deadly force let alone a citizen. Get the fuck rid of them and replace them with 6 year old Girl Scouts, who would undoubtedly be able to pose a far superior opposition to criminals than the useless, feckless cowards masquerading today as police nationwide.

I'm quickly turning into a fan of this fat, bloated retard. As physically unimpressive as he is, sadly, he's 1000 times the man of any cop on the street today, as improbable as that seemed before I saw for myself how all cops cower before him.


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