Hello from SoCal


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Very new to the Community, discovered you guys on You Tube a few months ago. Extremely impressed with the movement and when I heard about the new forum here I had to join up! Great idea, I'm a forum users for many other things and love the format Forums allow. Easy to find things, conversations are available over time, documents, pictures, lists, all easily available over time. WONDERFUL!!!!

A suggestions If I may; a section for what equipment different auditors are using and wish lists for equipment preferred and such. I keep pausing YT clips to try and see what is being used.

Best wishes on the new Forum site, I hope it goes well beyond expectations.

Texas Wolfman

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Welcome! I agree with what you are saying about the equiptment. I already have the software and plan on building out that section soon


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I miss my friends, family, and food in So Ca.
I grew up in Panorama City
I'm in the Riverside County area. All my family is here otherwise I'd get out. Too close to retirement now and lots of grandkids now. I'll be here til I die probly. LOL.


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