How do we know this is real?


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Obviously I'm gyrating a stick up a beehive's opening... David is neither liked (understandable)... this thread just became bookmarked fodder to question my sanity... and this place probably has its functional purpose... But I'm pitching the "what if" this is all made up to destroy the FAA movement?

As in forged/altered within the last few years. I mean I can believe it, but statements like: "There's no use in reporting it because cops protect their own" comes off as someone's hubris trying to hard.

Felipe Hemming

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Really???? There is not need to create anything because this is what happened, Earl David Worden is a Convicted Violent Rapist and a Known Liar


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We both know anything is possible. All good lies are built on a foundation of truth.

But at this point its whatever. I'll be blunt: this movement has an image problem- on all sides. The thing with CCW was just one more nail in the coffin. Joe public no longer holds the opinion of accountability but rather trolls trying to get even with police.

Texas Wolfman

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Sad, too many auditors are doing the opposite of what they want to be doing. Instead of waking the public up to poor police practices, they are infact adding to the credibility of police.


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