Ice Cold Audits: Is there any limit to the stupidity of Steven "Ice Cold" Perez?


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At 0:37, the Balloon head stammers: "Dude, I wish I could fucking just shoot a fucking cop in the head, Bro".

Then he talks about how he "wants to choke cops to death until they shit themselves".

Maybe this will jog his memory about what transpired the last time he tried going hands on with the police:

The only thing he got to choke was his chicken.


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Tell you who I feel bad for. The dog, constantly breathing in the smoke of the chemicals this loser intentionally blows into his face, the moron, and his son, constantly breathing in his father's rancid poison. This kid is a chip off the old block and stands about the same chance in life as his father. Jail, drugs, violence. His father programmed him to be the same kind of failure that his dear old dad is. Sad to see.


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Still another 1st amendment "tour de force". Another shit-de-jour. Another descent into the frozen hell of an Ice Cold brain.

33 minutes of challenging internet trolls to fights, sight unseen. "Meet you on this and that corner".

Ice Cold Brain versus the world. Who would win? Be interesting to watch. He's already lost the battle with his mind. Could his battle with the world fare any better for him?


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