KC Camera Boy: Do any 1st Amendment Auditors actually own a mirror?


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Tomato-nosed? That may be, but one of the last people on earth, crawling above or below rocks, that should be poking fun at people for their physical characteristics is the scrawny, concentration-camp-like skeletal, quintessential 97 pound weakling KC Camera Boy.

This seems to be the norm with 99% of the first amendment tormentors I've watched on youtube. The feeling of tremendous intellectual and physical superiority over those they've targeted for harassment.

The first amendment tormentors are all so much more intelligent, so much more enlightened, and all so much better looking than anyone else they encounter.

From Fat, pie-faced Jose and Downey and the other Weeble that wobbles but doesn't fall down in their crew, the one that looks like a caveman that hasn't had a bath in 3 years; the only one that has the good sense to keep his trap shut most of the time, to the Minnesota "all women want me" Guardian, to this scarecrow, KC Camera Boy.

Interesting that in this video, KC gets a little too confident and misplays his hand by moving on a cop with his mace, and is arrested. Right up until that moment, he can do anything on earth that he pleases and nobody can stop him. Tough guy, right? Hard guy. Yeah.. more like hardly.

The cuffs go on and from a big "stwong" 97 pound half a man with what looks like he's rocking estrogen-induced tits under his t-shirt (looks like a small and it's still 3 sizes too big for him (her?), and all of a sudden, that big "stwong" man turns into a complaining, sniveling turd, crying in his plaintively nasal-twang voice, "Be careful.....my shoulder..... my wrist..... my leg...... my knees...... my back....... my crack...... my balls.... etc., etc. , something is suddenly wrong with everything and he's a physical wreck it seems. This, the same tough guy that threatens people in his videos.

So my question for first amendment tormentors, en masse', is, "do any of you with these needlessly over-inflated egos and delusional superiority complexes own a mirror and if you don't own one personally; have you ever looked into one?
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