Long Island Audit: Sean Paul Reyes, YouTube Nov. ad revenue: $44,500!!


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And once again, here's Long Island Audit's GO FUND ME page.

Fundraiser by SEANPAUL REYES : Support the fight against Tyranny & Corruption! (gofundme.com)

$44,000 per month from youtube revenue according to youtube ad revenue analystics = $528,000 PER YEAR+ merchandise + paypal donations + donations from other platforms and interest = a probably total income on pace for well over $1,000,000 yearly and with 100,000 subscribers' donating potential = likely a lot more than $1 Mil, but STILL has the balls to run go fund me drives.


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What's actually interesting about the analytics is that since LIA started producing less videos of his making the rounds doing his usual ball busting and instead, producing more videos of his making speeches to his followers about his lawsuits and corruption busting (a fatal mistake that killed Lenny Bruce's career when he started bringing his court transcripts onstage and read from them as his routine instead of telling jokes), his ad revenue projection had decreased.

Unless his GoFundMe, and other payment platform donations have picked up to take up the slack, perhaps he should reconsider the current path he's embarked upon as the one less profitable, of course, totally dependent upon finding that big pot of gold at the end of that Lawsuit Lotto rainbow.

However, there is youtube speculation online that the money taken in thusfar on LIA's GoFundMe page has NOT been used for his stated mission to subsidize his attorney fees:



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After studying the day by day ad revenue analytics day by day, and matching those stats up to the content of the videos posted on those days, I can see a trend and will make a forecast.

While there may be a small to slightly moderate % of LIA's viewers that have an interest in the actual nuts and bolts of his cornucopia of complaints, lawsuits, court cases, etc., etc. and are just as engrossed with 30 to 90 minute videos of his going on and on about them, analytics appear to trend far more in favor of his AUDITING VIDEOS for clicks from his base of subscribers and followers.

They prefer to see videos where the dancing bear dances, rather than talk about dancing. They want to see the pointlessly infantile, beta-male oriented, passive-aggressive needling and condescension that they feel he's mastered so well. They want action. They don't want to see the bear retreat into a cave, huddling with paperwork, going over the same thing over and over again, 50 times the same things said in the same video, over and over, threatening evil doers who want you to sign in at govt. buildings and vowing to bring all the world's corruption like that to a screeching halt.

They want to see the dancing bear make mad dashes from tree to tree, cave to cave, in a forest full of hunters.

He'll learn. His viewers want to see auditing. Not lawyering. And the declining day by day analytics, matched up against the videos show this trend since he's posting more monologues than he had been of audits.


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