Long Island Audit: SeanPaul Reyes: If YOU own all the Government Buildings


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And as you always say, "OUR BUILDINGS", the buildings belonging to "We the People", how come I don't have a set of keys for all the locks, for all the vehicle ignitions, and the passwords for everything from computers to climate control units, to security systems, financials, etc., etc.?

Since these are technically, YOUR installations, Yours, mine, and everybody else, do you have access to these things? I don't have access, and I'm a people. I don't know of any other people who do. Either "We the People, or just plain people.

If you have total access, all the keys, all the codes, all the passwords, where did you get your set of keys and passwords for complete gov. building access? And if we want a set too, do we ask YOU for it?

And if all the world's 8 billion would like to have a set giving them access to all aspects of every gov. building that we all own, can you provide that many for all thousands of your buildings?


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The lawsuit devil went down to Pooler, Georgia to play


And you guessed it. What a big surprise.

No bowing + no scraping + no "Yes, your royal fucking majesty, did we miss a spot when we washed your balls for you, Sire?" =





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